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Snowbird invades Snowbasin, April 11th

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Disclaimer. There is no action shots here, all the action was video taped, and there is no editing done yet so here are the pictures.

My most gaperrific TR ever.

"The bathroom has a ******* foray" adrian

Adrian and Nicole lovin the views from the top of No Name(which had great powder as the eventual video will show)

Ogden from the top

John Paul lodge

umm yeah even someone like myself can appreciate this.

our afternoon goal(I skied far looker left)

Me leading the way

hopefully dan get the video done soon, so this TR has some real stoke in it.
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"The bathroom has a ******* foray" adrian
That's a "******* foyer" - a "foray" is something altogether different!

Though you could say that what y'all did was a foray into "foreign territory."

Yup - grammar police on the scene....
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They call it „Gentlemen’s Lounge“ if I remember right and some guys even wonna retire in there…. :-)
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Wow, something for everyone here.

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untill the youtube verison is clear those with facebook can watch this one.
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I [Hart] Snowbasin....What lodges and the people are oh so nice. Skiing there is up to the rest.
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Outstanding vid with a great rolling moon shot as bonus :

[while on FB also noticed your ‘Snowbook’ 150…wow!]
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made a new link for the youtube link
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Nice vid, but you should have let me know you were coming up. I could've snuck away to ski with you guys, I know my way around a bit.
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Wow. Great video. Nice job clearing the crowds (NOT) out of the frame.

As someone who's skied only Snowbasin and NOT Snowbird - how would you compare the two?
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tso1 the crowds were my friends hehe.

Lets do this on scale of 1-10 Snowbird vs Snowbasin.

Terrain Varity(marked runs) Snowbird 7 - Snowbasin 9
Terrain Varity(off piste steeps) Snowbird 9 - Snowbasin- 7
Terrain Challenge Snowbird 9 - Snowbasin 8
Run Lenght Snowbird 8 - Snowbasin 9
Run vertical Snowbird 9 - Snowbasin 8
Snow Quailty day of storm Snowbird 10 - Snowbasin 8(snowbird gets mroe snow)
Snow quailty day after and longer Snowbird 9 - Snowbasin 6(snowbasin is low elevation, not as steep, and doesnt face as north as snowbird)
How fast it get tracks up(lower number means it get tracked quicker)
Snowbird 3 - Snowbasin 8
On Hill lodges/food Snowbird 4 - Snowbasin 11(snowbasin is heads and bounds above anything I have been to in utah including DV)
Lifts system - Snowbird 9 Snowbasin 9
Grooming - Snowbird 4 Snowbasin 10

remember these are just my opinions.

In my order of like in utah it would go


Things I like about Snowbird

1.fast lifts with tons of falline
2.huge and north facing means there is allways good snow to be had.
3.The Tram
4.Best snow in the country

Thing I dislike about snowbird.

1. Everyone here is a good skier and its gets skied on the well known run quickly
2. The corperation

Things I like about snowbasin

1.John Paul
2.Mt Allen Tram
3. No Name peak.
4.Hike to that never gets skied out.
5. a clientele that doesnt know that powder is what your suppose to be skiing.

Things I dislike about snowbasin.

1.Strawberry Express, yuck really really flat with tons of run outs
2.Gondolas I hate that my skis wont fit in them
3.Low elevation means the snow get beat pretty quickly.

FOr you Tso1 just ask yourself are you a john paul guy or a strawberry guy. If you said john paul then you just might like Snowbird.
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Snowbird's still on the "must ski" list but I won't feel bad hitting Snowbasin a few more times first if it's midwinter or a peak holiday time and saving Snowbird for when it's later in the season. Steep is good but untracked is better (and harder to score for an eastern skier).

Lodges are just over the top at basin (in a bad way) but I hardly mind because the food is so over the top (in a GOOD way).
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Shhhh - I fixed it for you

Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
Lets do this on scale of 1-10 Snowbird vs Snowbasin.

Terrain Varity(marked runs): Snowbird 7 - Snowbasin 0
Terrain Varity(off piste steeps): Snowbird 9 - Snowbasin 1
Terrain Challenge : Snowbird 9 - Snowbasin 1
Run Length: Snowbird 8 - Snowbasin 1
Run vertical: Snowbird 9 - Snowbasin 1
Snow Quailty day of storm: Snowbird 10 - Snowbasin 0
Snow quailty day after and longer: Snowbird 9 - Snowbasin 1
How fast it get tracks up: Snowbird 3 - Snowbasin 1
On Hill lodges/food: Snowbird 4 - Snowbasin 0
Lifts system: Snowbird 9 - Snowbasin 0
Grooming: Snowbird 4 - Snowbasin 1
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