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I've returned

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Hey hows everything going. For those, if any, who noticed I was gone, I'm back. I spent five weeks on a cultural exchange program to China. Anything new that I need to know in the ski world? Talk to you later.
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Welcome back Super-mat
culture exchange? was that to mainland ?
Check out the thread re beijing 2008 olympics. I'm interested in your thoughts.
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Hey super-mat,
I'm new around here. Did you visit K2? Check out the K2 China thread www.epic-ski.com/ubb/Forum2/HTML/001780.html

Welcome back<FONT size="1">

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Dchan: its good to hear from you. I was up in the province of Inner Mongolia. So you're Chinese? Where in China are you from? I posted a few of my thoughts over on the Beijing topic. Have a good one.

Its nice to meet you. I'm glad to hear the community is growing. I a teenage, steeps lover, groomer despiser, from California. How about you? No I didn't visit K2, and the flaming going on a few topics down has me really ticked off. Not ticked enough to jump in the fight but It'll probably come to find me. Have a good one man. Think of snow and be content until its return. Matt
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Yes I'm of chinese descent but was born and raised in San Francisco. My family is from a very small village in the south east region of canton (I think) it's near a small town called "mui yuen" the closest you can get to my Grandfathers village by vehicle is about a hour hike from the road. My wife's father was born in Toi-san.
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