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Nail separation....??

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I'm a new golfer and haven't had a lot of time to practice lately. However, this will be the year to do it.

We went to the driving range and banged a couple of baskets of balls. I didn't do too badly and had about half of my balls sail fairly straight past the 100 yard marker. I felt it in my right leg (it's still healing from the rod removal surgery), and the twisting didn't feel bad enough to quit, but it's a little sore this morning.

However, on the last ball I ripped my right index finger away from the nail at the tip about 1/8th of an inch. It bled. :

Jeff has never had that issue, and it's a first to me, although I've only golfed about 10 games in my life. It has to be my grip, but the balls I was hitting toward the end of the bucket were good hits and my grip felt good.

Any advice?
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Good Luck with your golf endeavors!!!

Can you describe where the club is being held in each hand? It sounds like you may have gotten the club too far into your palm. Also how tightly do you grip the club?
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I really don't know how to describe it. I'm using the Ten finger grip, like the picture on the left.

There's about an inch of club showing on top of my left hand. I was gripping it too hard at first, but loosened up after about 15 balls. Jeff said I was doing well 'until I started thinking about it too much.'

The grip on the driver I was using was much smaller than my own driver. It seemed unstable to me, like holding a Sharpie pen instead of a paint roller handle. Like I said, I don't know the lingo yet.

I wonder, now that I've had time to think, if I was compensating for my leg again. The backswing does take some twisting of the hip and right leg, which I was trying to avoid. I'd better stop till my leg is healed, I guess.
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It sounds like you have your right thumb off of the grip and resting on the right index finger, which could cause you to press on that nail. The right thumb should rest on the left center of the grip.
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It's entirely possible. I'll be more aware of it next time we go. Thanks for the tips.
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