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I am slightly bowlegged. Some cuff adjustments are necessary to center my calf in the boot. It's also been determined by a bootfitter that some canting is necessary.

What guides one to use cants (shims?) on the boot board as opposed to grinding/canting the sole? I'll have some fitting work done next season in Utah or perhaps, if business takes me there later this month, in Denver. Am trying to be an informed buyer. Staying uniformed is how I ended up with boots that are too large from my local shop years back.

A second question... When a 28.5 shell has a 28.0 boot board, is the difference only that this bootboard is slightly thicker? Typically how much thicker? 1/16 inch? I've located an end-of-season deal on a Krypton Pro in a 28.0 and want to know if it's reasonable to shave the bootboard down to create a 28.5 if necessary. A 28.5 with stock liner fit well. Not so sure the 28.0 with Intuition will do the same. Is this a stupid thing to consider? Dalbello says the boards are grindable.

i'm not a boot expert but very familiar with biomechanics
first it is extremely unusual to have combination of overpronation with varus alignment of the lowwer extremities.
second: looking just from your knees down is not enought: you should realy consider long cassete x-ray in standing position of the legs: this would show you where the real varus is comming from and how much. you have to see the center of your hips to determine the mechanical axis of your legs

third: be carefull with choosing all the stuff proposed boot fitters: they wamt to sell as much as possible!!. for example giving you insert for overpronators potentially willl increase the amount of work to adjust your boots!!!!!