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Originally Posted by slider View Post
A long,long time ago in a far off Galaxy.

I'm calling you out, no way that was your first time, you're skiing to well.

Especially considering you're on skinny skis.

Thats a practiced turn.

I honestly am not sure when my first time in powder was, but the earliest memory I have of skiing powder was also the first day I skied a black run, I must have been about 7, maybe younger. I was skiing with my dad, and we were sticking to the groomed runs with just a couple inches on top because like most dads, he was a bit worried about me.

We somehow took a "wrong" turn and wound up on a black run, and the snow just kept getting deeper and deeper. When it started spilling up onto my chest my dad stopped, turned around, and told me to be very careful and just follow right in his tracks so nothing would happen to me.

I did as I was told, for most of the run at least, because i didn't want to upset my dad, but I kept wanting to just point it straight down the fall line. I didn't let my dad notice me deviating off course every couple turns though. He still thinks I followed his tracks perfectly.
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Originally Posted by skier219 View Post
I'd wait and see how the snow works out. This year I went at the end of Jan, the beginning of March, and the beginning of April. It got better as time went on (though Jan was already spectacular). I usually decide on dates 2-3 weeks in advance. I haven't really seen an advantage to booking early, except maybe there are slightly more flights to choose from.

Yeah, I know, but the only way I can go out there is within the 2 week shop shutdown period, which I have craftily scheduled so that while all the Xmas travelers are getting settled back into their cubicles, I'll be smashing pow like it owed me money. I like to book early so I can tell my friends when to go out there and give them plenty of time to be the slacker pothead procrastinators they are. I think the time I went out there was great- not alot of Gaper Vaca D-bags, and like I said before we literally got between 6-10" EVERY DAY, which was like magic to me who usually has to wait a long time between freshies. Maybe next year I'll get that 1-2 foot drop... I'm more open to which resort I should stay at for one of the weeks- I was intrigued by Keystone simply for awesome bowls and the $5 cat rides, but Vail obviously has more terrain. Breck has the best lift access I saw, but dammit- it's hard to decide! Anyone have suggestions they feel passionate about? Where would YOU stay if you had a week? I would love to go to Alta, but I'm not sure how I would get there...
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I've hesitated to post in this thread because the term powder is relative depending on where you live. Being from Michigan, a 6-8 inch powder day is a luxury.
When I finally got a chance to ski something deeper, I was kind of shocked at how well I did, though I did much better after I got some pointers and coaching from some real experts.
Like everything in skiing its all about balance. My hard pack days out number my powder days so I guess I need more powder days to balance it out.
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Blackjack Mountain ~2001.

12-18 inches of the Yoop's heaviest thickest gloppiest cement. They groomed one run on the frontside and left the rest au natural. I flailed. Then I got stuck, coming to a dead stop burried up to my boottops. Three runs and I headed back to the one groomed run on the frontside. After an hour or so, that was too tracked up, so I headed across the street to Indianhead, where they had squashed it all down to within an inch of it's life.
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TC- Hey just because you ski the schwag of snow doesn't mean you don't appreciate the mountain or love skiing any less. I feel like being in an area that doesn't get legendary conditions weekly tends to weed out the people who don't really want to be there (except for the obvious Gapers)... I know how you feel, and my location is why the deepest pow I've ever seen was about 16" or so... In my damn life! But I love it and that's why I keep trying... keep spending the $$$$ to go out west... Because its what I love and the quest for the grail is never really over...

Believe me, you're not the only one racking your brain to try to balance out the hardpack days with some pow action!
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