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Which boots should i choose?

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I'm french, so i'm sorry for my bad english! If i didn't post in the right place, please move it to the good one .

So let's tell you my "problem"
I'm a racer, and i don't know wich boot to choose: i'm 180cm, 70Kg, so i'm thin and not verry powerfull.
I do most of SL, and some GS.
I'm gonna ride on rossignol RS wc or fischer sl wc next year (this season i had dynastar omeglass and lange comp 120)
I don't know which new shoes i'll have to choose: my legs and foots are really thin, and i wanna some preformant shoes, but i'm worried: i'm not really heavy and powerfull, so i don't know which shoes i can get... Will the lange wc 160 be to hard for me?
What can you advise me?
Thanks a lot, and sorry for my poor english langage.

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My opinion, yes a 160 is way too still for you. You can get the same fit from a softer boot.

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I agree with Lou.

The boot you mentioned is also available in 2 other flexes.

Lange WC za/za = 130 flex
Lange WC zb/zb = 140 flex
Lange WC zc/zc = 160 flex

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That would be "way too stiff for you".
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as the others have said look at the softer flexes of the race boots , the Lange is available in softer flexes as are other brands you just got to search them out

where are you based, there are a couple of guys on here based in farance who may be able to help you out

good luck

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ok, thank you verry much!
so i should choose a Lange WC za/za right?
i just saw only the world cup 160 in lange 2009 book, so i didn't knew this boot was available in 160 flex.
I'm based in Grenoble. Can you gimme the name of the french guys?
thank you very much, this forum is really amazing!
bye, Damien
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both smallzookeeper and julsie are based in Chamonix so not too far from you

julsie is Jules Mills, based in Sanglard sports [and their own workshops] ... jules@thebootroom.fr [web site comeing soon]

Smallzookeeper is Steve at footworks Tel; 00 33 (0) 4 50 53 46 52 www.footworks.fr

both should be able to help you out get the best boot
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thank you verry much! i'll contact them!
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