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Need Help: Scarpa Tornado Question

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I need some help with fit on Scarpa Tornados. As background, my feet are right between 11 1/2 and 12 with a D width, so I often have to try on both sizes to find out what fits. I ordered home a 29.5, my usual shell size, after calling SAC and explaining my feet. This was because the guy on the phone told me that "Scarpa's run large". When they arrived in noticed that they were marked 10 1/2 on the outside box and that they fit like 10 1/2's with significant toe hammer.

So I got on the phone right away, talked to a new rep who told me the first rep was all wrong, and that Scarpa's run small. She apologized profusely and said they would make it right (kudos to these guys). To be on the safe side, I agreed with the new rep to order home both the 30 and the 30.5 mondo sizes. They arrived this morning and I have been trying them both, leaving them on my feet for a couple of hours with thin nylon sox (my usual test of a new boot).

The 30's with a 332mm shell size are marked 11 on the box. They fit extremely tightly, just like like my regular boot which is a Lange World Cup 130 MF in a 29.5 with a 332 shell size. The 30.5's with a 341mm shell are marked 11 1/2 on the box. They are very tight (I have absolutely no heel lift in them) but are more comfortable with a fit more similar to that I would expect in a plastic shell mountaineering boot.

So here is my dilema. Since I am buying these for both AT/hike for terrain, and inbounds, usage, I am wondering if I am not better off going with the 30.5's from a walking/skinning standpoint. On the other hand, if I go with the 30's I don't have to readjust my bindings everytime I switch and I don't have to worry as much about the pack-in factor.

Anybody have experience with Scarpa's here? Do others find that they run small? How much do have have to worry about the tightness of the fit and the pack-in factor? Am I better off having a slightly more comfortable boot to hike and skin in?
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First, check the liners.

My wife had a pair and never had enough toe room. We found it was not the shell, the liner was too small for the shell. Three moldings with well stuffed toes did not fix it. Now she is using the liner from my 27.0 in her 25.5 (yeah, they went in) and she has plenty of toe room.

Who is the Scarpa rep you talked to? I emailed them but got no answer. They owe us a liner that works.

By the way, I have both the Tornado and Tornado Pro. Best boots I ever had. One pair is a 26.5, one a 27.0, both a 307 shell. The 26.5 seems a bit bigger. That is neither large nor small for me, it seems they are sized about right.

They packed out a bit, not much.
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Scarpa are tiny to size and are one of the only boots where the sizes are half then full, ie a 27,5 and a 28,0 are the same shell. That said the volume is huge, keep small, buy a good footbed and definately go with the intuition liner, you'll be happy as Lawrence.
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