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Possible to have PM texts show in email notification?

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Currently, when we receive an email notification that we've received a PM, it doesn't show what the PM actually says.

I know maybe a year ago, for a month or two, the PM text did show up in the notification email. On TGR, the PM text also shows up in the email.

Is it possible to turn the text on as part of the notification? As more and more of us use mobile devices to receive email, it's more convenient to read the PM text in the email, rather than having to browse to the website to read the text.
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I'll ask Dchan to look into this.

We also implemented a change in the PM system that keeps new users from being able to use the PM system until they have reached a post count of 5. We were experiencing spammers registering and spamming members through private messages without our being aware they were on the forum. Hopefully this will kill that.
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It can be setup that way but when it is turned on that way, I get flooded with emails (it was anywhere from a few to upwards of 20 a day) of people responding to the email notification rather than logging onto the site and responding to the person that sent the PM. This is why we turned off the text in the notification.
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Are you saying that if Cirque sends me a PM, which I could read in the e-mail notification, and I respond to the notification, that it goes to you?
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Exactly krp. All the notification emails have dchan's email address as the reply to:

I could definitely see doing that dchan. Could the subject be changed to something like "No Reply Message notification" or something? Possibly have at the top of the message body something saying in all caps "Do Not Reply to This Email."?

It would definitely be an improvement for me too to see the message in the email.
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Thanks SMJ. I couldn't figure out how 20 e-mails in my inbox was any different then 20 PM notifications in my inbox, but now I see that they would not be in my inbox.

I like the suggestions about the "DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE" line.

Is there any way to make a dummy e-mail account that the notifications are sent from? Possibly automate it, so that if someone does respond, they receive the following message:

This account is for PM forwarding only. To reply to the original PM, please log into EpicSki.

Or that could just be at the bottom of every PM notification.
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I'm not especially familiar with the system - but

a) it seems arbitrary that replies would go to dchan. why not send them to a dummy address that replies with a message explaining that you can't reply via email & then deletes the silly errant email?

b) message content is included in TGR PM notification emails. Seems to work great. And if it is a quick note that needs no immediate response I do not have to pop over to epic to know what is being said. Especially valuable for meetup updates, etc. More so when the email notification is rolling in via a phone style device...
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