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Hello from Skye

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hey guys!

great meeting you all out at Big Sky Montana and spending a fun week with you. thanks again for the birthday dinner and great hospitality as well.
went to Bridger the final day before i left and it was DEEEEEEEP POWW!
off to shoot the demo team tryouts in Mammoth, hope to see some of you there and maybe we can get that reality show going. the judging panel sounds great too!
ski hard folks!
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Hi Skye!!!!

Thanks for coming out to shoot ESA. I'm glad you got to my home mountain, Bridger Bowl, for some face shots. We're still getting lots of snow.

I really enjoyed meeting you. Hope to see you again sometime. You'll have a great time at Tryouts.
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here was me thinking you were saying hello to the bonny wee island off the west coast of Scotland
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no, but that is where i'm named after and can't wait to get there someday!

yeah, great to get Bridger all cold and smoky on a perfect bluebird day! what a chill place...don't worry though i'll keep it on the DL!

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Great username, Skye.
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Is there any chance of us ever seeing any of these videos or are they private?

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Originally Posted by perpetualmocean View Post
hey guys!

great meeting you all out at Big Sky Montana and spending a fun week with you. thanks again for the birthday dinner and great hospitality as well.
went to Bridger the final day before i left and it was DEEEEEEEP POWW!

ski hard folks!

Yeah, good riding, however briefly, with you that week -- definitely a good time. Have fun in your "on season." Hope the waves are big and the crowds are elsewhere.


PS -- +1 on the good name.
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Hi Ott,

The ESA stoke video will be for all to enjoy.

Some of the footage will be used in a new Video Library based on Bob Barnes's Encyclopedia of Skiing. This content will be one of the benefits of subscribing -- the idea is to morph Supporters into subscribers with clear benefits rather than begging for voluntary "donations" to keep this website in service. The forums as we know them will stay the same. No one "has to" subscribe. The new content like the Video Library will be added-on.

The guys had a very productive shoot in Colorado last week as well, in great conditions and blue skies, with Dan Egan on hand to do some skiing with Bob B. and a posse of photogenic skiers, including our own SSH and cgeib and Dan's GF Liz, who skied with us at ESA Stowe last December.

From the stills and snippets of video I've seen so far, the end products are going to be spectacular.

*The student MA vids from ESA will be posted in the private ESA learning forum.
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Hi Skye,
Hey, great skiing/riding with you "in the woods" on Sat. after the esa.

Skye perhaps has missed his calling as an actor.

On Sat. I was in his room when he says "Let's call Bob and Chris". Suddenly he's on the phone speaking in a New Zealand accent and using the kiwi lingo. He's spent time there (surfing!) so he knows it quite well. He pretends to be Dan and Dean- two NZ guys we were skiing with that day. Bob/Chris are sick and somewhat out of it so they're totally primed to be fooled. They are. I can say I would have totally been fooled by the accent but would have thought that what he was saying made little sense. In some ways this is perfect though, because Bob has problems making any sense of what Dean says normally. One of the phrases used by Skye in NZ speak is "sweet as" - somewhat slurred together. I'd never heard this before but I think he said it stands for "sweet as candy". It is no so divorced from the source though it can be inserted almost randomly anywhere to say "this will be good,is good was good etc. " It's use seems to be somewhat similar but not as often, as "eh" in Canadien. There's all sorts of talk on Skye's end which ends with agreeing to meet at the bar at 7:30. Bob says later "I had no idea...but then I can't understand what those guys say at all. Dean will talk for ten minutes and I have little idea what he said."

Having fooled Bob/Chris pretending to be the NZ guys, Skye waits a few minutes and calls them back again. This time he's "Edward" a very effeminate guy from the front desk. Now Skye knows that Bob/Chris have had a "Do Not Disturb" sign on their door most of the week so housekeeping doesn't get riled up about their tuning/waxing of skis in the room. I can't remember all that was said but there was something about "your not following proper proceedures", and "I need to get in and have a look just to make sure there's nothing dead in there." (that was the tip off they didn't catch till later). This whole spiel actually goes on for a few minutes.

Skye then makes a third call - as himself. Bob or Chris inform him that they just talked to the NZ guys Dan/Dean and are meeting them at 7:30 at the pub. Meanwhile, Bob/Chris are cleaning up their room a bit and getting rid of the wax table because "Edward" is coming to check on the room.
I can't remember the exact sequence next but basically Skye gets a call from his friend saying he's got to take the shuttle to Bridger tonight or they won't be able to get first chair tommorrow. The shuttle is in less than an hour so he has to go now. I think we then went over to Bob/Chris's room and Skye pretended to be "Edward" at the door. Chris answers the door while Bob is still cleaning up inside. Then everything was revealed and Skye said goodbye and went over to Bridger Bowl.

The whole thing was rather hilarious.

Aleph, I learned a bunch about surfing New England from Skye. Believe it or not-New Hampshire with all 13 miles of coast, then deduct probably a mile for the naval shipyard, has some of the best surfing around. The season though is I guess fall through winter. Very cold water requiring special suits. His coldest water temp surfed was apparently 34 degrees!:

skye has a website:
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Thanks, nolo, let me know when...

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That is CLASSIC Skye! Thank you for sharing that story.

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You'll get yours, Skye!

I was sorry you didn't make it out for the Arapahoe Basin shoot with Dan and Kevin. Chris and I were, uh, ready for you....

(Maybe next time!


It was great skiing with you, and I look forward to next time. (Even if you are pure evil!) Hope you're having fun and getting some great video in Mammoth!

Best regards,
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The more I read about Big Sky, the more I feel like I missed out
Welcome to Epic Skye!
Don't believe anything Chris says. He lies!
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Originally Posted by valleygrlvt View Post
That is CLASSIC Skye! Thank you for sharing that story.
Too bad I didn't know of these talents earlier we could have put them to good use on the hill!

The accent was right on, possibly a native could have noticed, but I don't know. From the little I talked to the NZ guys, he had the speech pattern down too. It's sort of like throwing a handful of river stones- they all go at once and you don't know which to follow. Then seemingly random statements are somehow linked together and you throw in a few "sweetas" and you've got it.
No wonder Bob couldn't understand those guys!
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Hey Skye, it was a good time for me meeting you and BB and Cgieb and Tog, and a good in the bar afterwards. I'm glad you made to Bridger too, as I heard the snow was great on Sunday. Did you manage to hook up with anyone to show you around? Look forward to next time, and to seeing some of the video.
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