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Post season continues; Snowbowl 4/24

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So I went for a hike up at the bowl, with the objective of skiing West Bowls. As I ascended, it seemed that it had rained in the couple days since I was up last, but it had snowed a few inches since then, which had left the mountain fairly leveled, and the crust that had been there Sunday and Monday was history. It ended up fantastic soft snow on a firm base, getting progressively wet at lower elevations.

It was a mostly cloudy day with big enough sucker holes to heat things up at times, it might have somewhat of a crust tomorrow, if some new snow doesn't bond to it.

Cornice off the top:

Looking down on the cliffs from the summit:

Looking SW from the top of West Bowls:

West Bowl was AWESOME! Completely untracked leveled out creamy goodness with a slight grit of the eroded crust made porous by the wet snow and rain, the best turns of the post season.

I opted to ski Angel Face on the way down:

And as a parting signature:

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nice pics! that old camera still working?
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Yep, though I did manage to ice up the lense on Sunday, I guess my pocket got a bit steamy. I'd say it's gittin' 'er dun.
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Keep on truckin'!
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One Mountain~One Man, Sweet.
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Way to go! Its been such a long and lusterous winter for you.
It goes on and on, and you just keep getting better.

Kinda reminds me of Groundhog Day.
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Yeah, I went up with a ski buddy today, and took some video, and we both set off small slides in Z-Man's Revenge which drops off the summit. No damage done, but the second one took us a bit by surprise which was evident from the video.
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Into June or July this year?
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Originally Posted by paedde View Post
Into June or July this year?
As much as I would love that, we really don't have the elevation to hold the snow when the sun is out, I skied yesterday (no pics), and was amazed what had become of the mountain. The skiing was less than optimal but it was fun to ride.

It snowed up there today, I don't know how much, but it landed on snow which had been in sun most of the day, which is certainly good for the snowpack for skiing, as the wet snow will bond to the sunheated snow as the temperature drops with the flakes. We are due to get a bit more snow over the next couple days, cold temps and a good chance of snow until my day off, Thursday.

Paedde, to give you perspective, there is still over a foot more snow there now, than there was when we skied together. It has been my biggest year ever. I have 118 days so far this season (including post season skinning).

And more to come. :
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