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Krypton shell fit question

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I'm wondering about where you sight the gap between your heel and the end of the boot--when I shell fit my 26 Kryps, I have about 15 mm from the back of my heel to the end of the footboard in bare feet with toes touching the front. And there's about 2 - 3 mm past the end of the footboard to the shell, so let's say about 18 mm from my heel to the shell: at the lowest part of the shell. Now, the Krypton's heel pocket expands as the boot goes up (as I assume all boots do), so I probably have around 20 - 22 mm at the largest part of the heel pocket (as it bulges out)--about 2 fingers.

When you're sighting that gap, are you looking to the very bottom of the shell, or are you looking at the largest part of the heel pocket, where it bulges?

Thanks in advance, boot gurus.
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You are looking for the largest gap to the heel. if you are seeing 20mm to 22mm and you ski more then 7 days a year, you are in too big of a boot.

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walking line...

Remember that the stock footbed or any other trim to fit or custom footbed will raise your foot in the boot liner. If you'd like, place the footbed in the shell and measure that way. The heel has a convexity at the back portion of your foot. I would measure @ the highest point of the convexity. (Barring any extra's, ie... calcaneal bursa/pump bumps) It sounds like this boot is one shell size too big.
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Thanks, I'll try it with the footbed (I've got orange superfeet). Actually, I do have heel bumps which complicates things (I often have to wear shoes that are longer to get the room in the heel I need to not be walking in agony). It's interesting though--I was fitted with this size (although admittedly the sales guy didn't do a shell fit... I've been skiing in the same flexons for 20 years, so I didn't realize that he should have done that until after).

Also, when I put the boot on, my toes are touching the front of the boot until I flex it, and then they pull away a bit. The cuff fit is really good in these boots though, so I wonder if I went to a smaller size if my calves might get squeezed too much (these boots felt too tight on my calves wearing them around my place, but when I skied them, they felt perfect). Also, my heel doesn't really lift when I'm in a skiing position, although I think I felt a little bit of slop between the liner and the shell when I first skied them, but then cranked them down a little tighter on day 2, and it seemed to go away.

In any case, I might go try on a pair of 25s (or 25.5s) and see how they feel. I've also heard that if I went to an Intuition liner, that may take up a bit of the extra space (I know, I know--I should be in the perfect shell size in a perfect world)...
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Walking Line:
Everyone that replies to you here, including me, will emphasize boot length as being of paramount importance. But like all rules it can be broken. It sounds as if from a pure length standpoint the boot is slightly too long. However, it is holding your foot in place and in general doing all the things it should do if it were the proper length. So perhaps it is.

Feet vary in volume regardless of length as do ankles and legs. All of this can affect whether a boot of the correct length should actually be used. There is room in our rules for some bending.

If the boot holds your foot properly in place the biggest problem with too big a boot is mounting position. To big a boot mounted without accommodation for the added length automatically puts the foot further back on the ski. In the case of maybe one size to long this isn't a substantial problem typically. If you want try experimenting with binding position.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the replies. One question though--my feet measure 26 cm in length, so that would put me in a size 26 mondo, no?

Lou, I read one of your posts that said that you place both racers and recreational skiers in their correct mondo size based on the foot measurement with the approx. mm left over in the shell to be taken up by the liner. If my shell has an extra 2 mm at 22 mm (not sure if it does, it's hard to tell), aren't I pretty close to being spot on?
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Remember it is hard to talk about correct boot shell size by only talking about shells size in mondo. There are still differences between manufacturers. However it does not sound to me as if you are too far off, but it is still possible you could go down a size. Best thing is to simply try.

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... I pulled the trigger on some 25.5 pros on evogear.com (excellent deal). I tried on that size Kryp, and sure enough, it was a better fit. The shell fit gave me about 10 - 15 mm between my heel and the heel pocket (which felt like it grabbed my heel better as well). The toe box was a little tight, but nothing that couldn't be punched/ground out a bit if needed. Well, live and learn, I suppose--I wanted to make sure I'm in the right size, as I've got some new Mantras that I'm going to get mounted.

I have a buddy that will probably fit into my 26s, so hopefully he'll buy 'em. If not, there's always eBay...
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waqlking line

a good lesson to any oen buying boots.... the shell check is key..i would always advise anyone who is not shell checked to leave the shop and go elsewhere

i did have a shop over here tell me that they had been fitting boot long enough that they knew how they fitted and didn't need to shell check...that'll be why i see several clients from them every season for smaller boots
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... a good lesson, to be sure. Like I said, I had been skiing my old Flexons for 20 years, so it had been awhile since I'd been fitted, and didn't realize at the time that the guy wasn't doing due diligence. Also, I think 26 was the only size they had left, so that's what he was trying to sell me. Normally, I'd probably just live with the bad purchase, but have been on a quest to get the 'perfect setup' this year, so it's got to be fixed...
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