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Spring skiing getup

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What do you like to wear for spring skiing?

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Hoody, cargo pants, gloves, sunglasses, ball cap... as little winter ski-kinda gear as possible.

Goin' out today... 10degC, blue skies, still +300cm snow at the top... YAAAHHHOOO!!!
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Even though the snow conditions are not always ideal, spring skiing can be fun! It is nice to ski when it is sunny and warm. I usually just wear a sweater, leave my ski jacket in the car. Sometimes if it is really warm I will take my hat and gloves off.
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I wear my RLX pants that have side vent zippers, a long sleeve polyester mock turtleneck, a light shell, some cheap fleece gloves and my Axis Rage helmet with the ear covers removed. I don't do short sleeves or shorts having already experienced what abrasive spring snow can do to ones skin.
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I wear shorts under my North Face ski pants and a T-Shirt with a fleece Vest from any particular ski mountain, or my ski teams fleece coat. For cooler days i substitue a long sleeve T-shirt. I keep my Boeri helmet with the vents open and a pair of Smith regulator goggles for bright condidtions. I also carry a bottle of water/gatorade in one of my pockets. I also carry my sunglasses for the liftride where i take my helmet off and put on my sunglasses to keep cool for the ride.
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A thong.

That's all.

So sexy.
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Originally posted by Ugli Pupferknick:
A thong.

That's all.

So sexy.
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OH Dear : :
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Agreed, although those thongs pictures were pretty funny.
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Originally posted by Max Capacity:
OH Dear : :
I agree completely! A cowboy hat!?!? Black gloves!?! What WAS HE thinking?!?

At least the rest of his outfit coordinated nicely with the rosey color in his cheeks!

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