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Off crutches today

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Doc checked out the X-ray of my tibial plateau fracture - said it looked like it healed up great, said to start walking and weight bearing as tolerated, need to work on strength, tone and extension.

No baseball, basketball, jumping, twisting etc for 3 months. I can live with that.

He did say it appears I have a lateral meniscus injury associated with this that may give me problems and require surgery downstream sometime, but for now, use it but don't pound it. New script for PT. Even cleared me for my San Juan raft trip in three weeks - with a brace (funny tan).

Just walking into my house this evening was a treat.

Can I get a woot ?!?!
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Glad to hear it!
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(in your best Mick Dundee voice)
That's not a w00t! This is a w00t....

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Your font is better
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