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Originally posted by Soul:
Schweitzer has a deal for 250$ season passes..So Sandpoint, Idaho.
Best of luck there, $250 is a great deal for a pass. Is that student or average joe? Utah passes, I think the average student pass is about $400.

If you end up making it down this way, let me know, I have a pretty open door policy for ski bums if you need a shower or get out of sub zero weather for a day or so.

We will make turns sometime.

Originally posted by bklyntrayc:
If not, I suggest you use hot tubs at the resort to soothe those cold muscles and disinfect and deodorize at the same time.
I've, err, done this a few times. I even have a friend who survived a drunkin night in Aspen going from hot tub to hot tub staying warm trying to find the condo. People were ticked, but he survived a blizzard.

EDIT: Thought that I remembered this. I found it over at the powdermag forum, might be worth taking a look. Haven't read the entire thread, but it could help you out.


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Hey everyone thanks for all the great replies and all the input!
The 250$ season pass is for college students..As long as you get your pass by nov. 15th i think. So yea, I am kinda a youngun.
Alta, next time i am in SLC we will definately havta make a run or two together. I am from Southern Idaho and i have some family in SLC so i have spent some time there..I have never been there on a good powder day though..which always made me wonder about utah..
Well i am going to be going up to Sandpoint next weekend i think..And hopefully i will have a couple people to talk to about renting a tent and staying on some land..or something in that area!
Oklahoma, Man your ideas are just great. If i can't pull any of the walltent Ideas into play i think I will be using a lot of your ideas, I don't think living in my jeep will be too terrible..
SO, everyone thanks a ton for all the advice and suggestions! I love hearing about other people that have done this and have been successful doing it! I have gotten a lot of negative feedback from other people, so its nice to hear from people that are just about enthusiastic as i am about it.
I will probably have a digital camera with me so the whole trip should hopefully be pretty well documented!
Thanks again everyone!
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get an electric space heater and a 100 ft extension cord - most condo complexes have outdoor outlets about, or u may find an RV park/Mobile Home park that lets u hook up for short$$- I assume u have a Cherokee, It wouldn't work too well for a Wrangler/CJ, u will need a chiropractor after a few weeks...
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I want to ad a few more tips that may be useful. If you set up a walltent then build snow walls around it ti help insult the tent. When I did winter camping if there was snow we would always build snow walls. They also help with the high winds.Theres nothing worse then having a tent blow down in 60mph winds with 40 below temps. If your off The beaten path You will need to think about clearing out a driveway for you Jeep 4 to 5 foot of snow will have that jeep as stuck as a rear wheel drive car. I lived in a place that had a 1/8 mile long driveway even with a good snow blower it was a b*tch to clear out. Just think if you woke to 4 foot of fresh and your stuck in camp!or find a snowmobile to get to your jeep and to Camp. Another Idea is to find one of those tent trailers used. This time of year The owner might let one go cheap. Sell it next spring to recoup part of your investment. In the long run that maybe cheaper then renting a wall tent. If your in a National Park it would also be easy to move every 14 days or so. get a good reading list going. The nights could get pretty long without a good book to read. Theres something special about reading a great book by the light of a colmen lantren. keep us posted on your progress.
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I like the idea and have limited experience with snow camping, but to keep your sanity in check and to make your experience more liveable (instead of just : survivable when it goes below zero), I would consider two options.

#1 Makeshift camper in large old van - possibly with built in kitchen/heater. Church parking lots work great.

#2 Swing shift job near ski area where you can crash for free or get room + board.

I am all for free camping, but the local police probably recognize use patterns the best and will pick up on new vehicles or tracks that do not belong.
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You could trade that Jeep for a van and be more comfortable. Before my old Ford van died, RIP, ,I would park it in ski area parking lots. I had a platform with a real mattress on it and lots of blankets over my sleeping bag. Skis and stuff fit uner the platform. In the morning I would start it up and put my boots under the heat vent. It was great and I miss it desperately. In August I slept in the back of my Camry hatchback at Timberline. It was ok for one night but I wouldn't have wanted to stay in it for too many nights.
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My brother spent a season in the middle of the Oz Main Range in a teepee - with some friends. They took time off from uni & lived on the dole for the season - so they just skied in to Perisher & hitched to Jindy to put in the forms.

They tell me teepees work well as the shape sheds snow - theirs had metal poles though.

By placing the teepee in a tricky area to access by skidoo the National Park Rangers had difficulty finding them & kicking them out when they had been there too long.
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wow more replies!
Well..i definately won't be trading my jeep..sorry but i like it a lot!! I probably wont bother finding a job either... I have one big sleeping bag now..and i am getting ready to buy a -20 bag to put inside the other bag..so i can put clothes and such in the big bag and keep them slightly warm..keep my boots and such in there as well..I will be sleeping in the back of my jeep most likely...I will have a coleman grill for breakfast in the morning..basically a ton of ideas that oklahoma gave me. Just seemed to be one of the easier ways to go. I do have a couple people that are interested in coming up with me so we might end up working something else out..but from this point it looks like peanut butter, crackers and hamburger patties for dinner out the back of my jeep.
I am really excited. In fact i think i am twiterpaited..or whatever that word is. I like all the suggestions..Thank you for them. I am just looking to spend virtually no money..and make no investment besides time. I don't have a lot of money to spend..
Well, next weekend i am going to sandpoint to check it out and speak to some land owners, so maybe i can work out a tent thing..Will be searching the web for outfitters and guides all this week so i will have an idea of who i need to be talking to.
Thanks everyone
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More food ideas: tortillas, cheese, lettuce, some kind of precooked meat. Easy to fix, no cooking needed and cheap. I've lived on that during many a car camping trip. I always used to carry way too much cooking gear and food and wouildn't use half of it, so I finally simplified. I still carry a stove, it's good to be able to heat water and a hot meal once in a while is great.
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Great idea to camp out for the winter! Go for it! Here are a couple of my experiences. I camped from October through April something or other in Colorado in a big snow year. I kept all my gear in one back pack and I liked the mobility and the simplicity. A big tent is a big deal I think, but it is tempting! Can't handle snow load on a big snow day though when you are away at work and can't shovel it off, but a yert would be pretty reliable. I used a Sierra Designs tent and hiked up about a mile or two as I explored around the area. Once I got up away from the towns and trails I left it up in the day and put a sheet over it to stop the rays. If you are going to heat your tent you will need a wood stove (there are some good ones) and sleeve and stove pipe and ventilation, etc. (I would be cautious of the fumes!) I would recommend a white fabric tent because it will be brighter and save on fuel hassle for lighting. Guess I didn't see the tent as a heater--just as a wind and snow barrier that I could dry out in a hallway while drying my sleeping bag out in a commercial drier. I used synthetic fiber but I now use down. I didn't bother with heat. Sounds rough, but it's not. And approximately everyone I met offered a couch if I ever got into trouble for any reason (thankyou to all of you for that!).
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So there you have it, Soul. I'll vouch for that guy--had to call him in here special as an "expert consultant" on living in a tent at a ski resort.

Welcome to EpicSki, brother Andrew. It's about time!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Welcome to the board! Thanks for posting up to help me out too.
Well, The living in the tent is slowly going away as i consider living out of my jeep..as it will only be a month or two i am just unsure about the need for a tent. The sleeping bag deal though. I have been looking at -20 sleeping bags that are made with that synthetic stuff. Polyguard 3d. How is that stuff compared to down? Does it work well?
I found a pretty good deal on a bag and thats one of the main reasons I am looking at buying that certain bag. People seem to have a lot of experience in this area (the whole camping in the snow thing) and I am getting a lot of help.
What other type of gear did you use? Any nifty things i should bring along just incase? (Nifty but not too damn expensive! )
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Cripes, the majority of the totally "CORE!" maroons in Poutermag.com's discussion forums are regular working folk.

noble savage?

gimme a break.

I live to ride my mtbs and to ski. work is what lets me do that. anyone who knows how to buy equipment and use it and the necessary extras (lifts, clothing, repairs) without spending ANY cash is onto something very serious and ought to let us know just how he/she gets that internal combustion engine to run on old lawn clippings & water.

the romantic "ski bum" idea is nonsense.

but then, that doesn't mean that those that aren't close to true ski bums essentially are gapers or poseurs. it just means they live for things other than skiing.

frankly, in a country where the true ski season lasts under 6 mos, I don't see how someone truly can be a "ski bum." what does the bum do for the other 6 months?

: [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Hey...Mr. Warm&Fuzzy is back. Get tired of Paula's?
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gonzo cracks me up!

Hey Soul, now that you have your tent pretty much on track, so us a favor; TAKE A SHOWER A FEW TIMES A WEEK BEFORE GETTING ON THE TRAM
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who said anything about being "core" --soul's just trying to see if he can pull off living in a tent for a season
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Gonzo, I guess you misunderstood my purpose...You see, I plan on living in a tent(or out of my jeep) for awhile because I would like the opportunity to ski a lot. I don't exactly know how that could be "core" or whatever. (Hardcore? right?)
Being skibum? I have work and school. I don't wanna quit my job, and I don't wanna quit school...So I guess I am not going for the whole skibum idea either. What it comes down to is that
1. I don't have a ton of money. (rent, food, books, GAS because I tried lawn clippings and it didn't work out how I had expected : )
2. I got all the gear I need to ski and to survive out of my jeep for a month or so. (Winter break)
3. What better do I have to do? My boss gave me work off for as long as I want. I guess I'd like to ski as much as I can

Just because I don't want to spend bundles of money doesn't mean I don't get what is needed to be safe and have an enjoyable time. And as soon as it isn't enjoyable, I will leave.
So when i said "Any nifty things i should bring along just incase? (Nifty but not too damn expensive! ) " I ment just that, something that you don't need necassarily, but it made the stay a little easier. The not too damn expensive just represents my lack of money to spend on things I don't need.
Sorry if everything got confusing..Hopefully its crystal now.
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