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Tour de Georgia

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My daughter's cycling team is going to ride to the start of the TdG tomorrow and help the pros with signing autographs. They are dedicating the ride to one of their teammates who was diagnosed with a brain tumor last week and had it removed on Tuesday. They are working on a deal to have all of the pro's sign a poster or jersey to present to him.

Keep Russell in your thoughts and prayers, he is tough and sweet kid and is coping with this much better than most adults would. So far, things are going well and he should know the diagnosis of the tumor in a few days.
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On Sunday, the last day of the Tour de Georgia, the entire Slipstream team stopped by Children's Hospital in Atlanta to visit Russell and present him with the Jersey Trent Lowe had worn during the race. In this day of prima donna athletes, it is amazing these guys took the time before a huge race to stop and visit a kid in the hospital. They are a real class act.
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That's awesome, very cool! I hope Russell recovers well from the surgery.
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Well, Russell is home from the hospital today, but the diagnosis is he has a rare and aggressive tumor and is going to have to spend the summer going through intense chemo and radiation therapy. He is a tough and strong kid and we are all praying and confident he will beat it.

The pro cycling community has been unbelievable through this process, taking their time to encourage this 14 year old kid. The website his parents have set up to keep us aware of his progress and allow us to communicate with him has been flooded by posts from some local pros, he has been called and visited by some of the big national teams, and one of the biggest stars on the US circuit called him a couple nights ago. I can't see any other professional sport doing that kind of thing.

Keep Russell in your thoughts and prayers, he is going to be riding his own Tour de France this summer.
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