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Volkl Mantra Jr.

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I am trying to find two sets of Mantra Jr. skis for my two sons. They would both be able to use 138's or one set 138 and one set 128. Preferably used given their price and the fact they grow out of their skis every season. If anyone can chime in with where I might be able to find a second hand pair I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Look forward to hearing back,
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one advantage from buying from a place like an REI or any outfitter that has both online and retail stores is that you can have the skis sent to a store near you and have them do bindings, fittings, etc.

of course even if you do not have an REI near you, you can always ship to yourself and bring it to another outfitter....but if you want a place that has some affinity to the sale of the skis or boots it's an added value

just my two cents on the subject
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