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Volkl Mantra Jr.

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I am trying to find two sets of Mantra Jr. skis for my two sons. They would both be able to use 138's or one set 138 and one set 128. Preferably used given their price and the fact they grow out of their skis every season. If anyone can chime in with where I might be able to find a second hand pair I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Look forward to hearing back,
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I would suggest the Want To Buy forum and creating an automatic search on eBay.
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I just saw a pair of 138s for $171.00 here:

Good luck!
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I know you said used, but they have new 128's at REI (as well as other kids skis). My son skied on some K2 bad Seed this year a few days and he loved them.
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Awesome deals, CB. I just bought 128 Mantra Jrs ($140) and 129 and 139 Bad Seeds ($150) for my soon-to-be-eight-year-old twins' birthday presents. One pair will probably be returned, but this being REI, not a problem.
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