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The Epic Ski EPPY Awards

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Since it's nearing the end of the year, I couldn't resist. Here is my version of the EPPY's the awards of Distinction for Contributions to Epic-Ski.

For Persistence in Purveying Physical Fitness Facts - LisaMarie gets the Golden Core-board award

For Quality Commentary on Technique Issues - Bob Barnes (and for his clear writing style) gets the silver quill award.

The Congeniality Award - for always offering electronic greetings to new members, Dchan gets a new keyboard and mouse (he must have worn out one or two already)

For Creativity in their Member Name - irul&ublo gets the Ski Shaped Scepter Award. (I confess it took awhile for his name to register)

The Broken Record Award - for his Jihad against the wedge, a pair of rose-colored glasses goes to SCSA (a/k/a PMTS Whacko)

The Great Historical Perspective Award - Ott Gang gets a Notepad to help keep his memory - he's probably forgotten more about skiing than I ever learned.

For Brilliance in Concept and Execution - AC gets the grand prize of about 2000 new friends. Great job AC on developing the forum to the greatness it has achieved.

Any Others?

Happy Holidays and Merry Skiing to All!

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yea, you get the award for most creative!
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BRAVO! Well done!

How about:

The Outside Edge Award to Gonzo for consistently presenting the flip side of the coin

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So whens the Awards Banquet? And is it Black Tie and Gowns or is 10 year old duct taped ski wear preferred attire?
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With this group leisure suits are more appropriate (plus a fair number of members probably have some hidden in their closet).
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Thread of the Year:

What the hell is that funky smell?

BTW: The fact that
I started the thread in no way affects my impartial judgment.
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Can I just say that for the first time, I'm right behind you on that one. Actually, I mean beside you. Given the other forum, I wouldn't want to be behind you, but you have my vote.

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Actually I think the awards are fine as long as they stay brief, to the point and don't evolve to another one of those hyped, TV, broadcast shows.
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This thread seemed apt. Anyone, or any awards missing?

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The Been there/done that for whoever should REALLY have used the search option before posting a redundant topic.

The Kima [inside joke] for the woman who looks like she REALLY has gone skiing at the end of the day!

The Golden thesaurus; For the poster who uses the most big words
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Goes to WTFH the the most number of hijacked threads.
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I was wondering when Fox was going to get one. :
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Originally posted by Lisamarie:
The Been there/done that for whoever should REALLY have used the search option before posting a redundant topic.

for anyone, especially me, who posts a NEW topic on helmets instead of pulling up one of the many old ones :
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