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Sunshine Village in May

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I may be able to get a day of skiing in at Sunshine Village on May 2. I was wondering if anyone could let me know what to expect conditions-wise. I see they just got dumped on. Should i be worried that won't hold for another week?

Also, are there any deals with regards to tickets and rentals out there? I won't have any equipment so I'll have to rent, but the cost for that one day of skiing is scaring me off a little.

Thanks in advance.
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When I was up last week (pre-dump) conditions were pretty good. Since then they've added about 40 cm to their base and the weather has been pretty cold. I can update after I go up there tomorrow and Friday, but for now I would say conditions will be good and up on top you'll still probably have winter snow. The ski out is still open without a marginal sign as an indication of what conditions are like. I'm planning to add three or four additional ski days in May.
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Thanks. Any further updates would be much appreciated. Do you know of any places to get cheap lift tickets and/or rentals?
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Sunshine Update

I only got up for one day (Friday) and had to leave at 1:30, but I think I can give you good news. Conditions are more mid-winter than spring with 82 cm in the past week and cold temperatures. The ski out was open with excellent coverage all the way to the parking lot. Goat's Eye is in good shape, and some runs that were feeling the effects of the sun last week (Supermodel), are skiable once again. Skiing off the Divide chair was more an exercise in finding the patches of untracked snow than anything else, and there were still powder stashes all over the place for those willing to seek them out.

Now the bad news. It is expected to warm up over the next few days, so there will be some deterioration in conditions (it is May after all, and the sun angle is getting pretty high), so I'd take a close look at the ski out from the gondola as you pass over it, before using it as your exit of choice at the end of the day. Even with that, there will be lots of good skiing on the 2nd as the base is still 218 cm and the marginal conditions and hazard signs are few and far between. I am looking at changing my schedule to get in some additional days in May since it looks like there will be plenty of snow up till season closing in three weeks.

No suggestions on rentals or cheap tickets. As of this weekend Sunshine is the only hill open between here and Whistler, so I suspect the rental shops will be packing up the skis and putting out the mountain bikes. I haven't seen any sign of price drops for day tickets either.
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April 30 update

There are some people who live for the sound of skis scraping across icy corduroy--I am not one of them. Coverage continues to be good across all three mountains, but the light fluffy snow of last week has firmed up considerably. For the first time in my memory, they actually ran a groomer up and down on TP Chutes, the result being a smooth, icy, steep run that tested my edges perhaps a bit more than I wanted. : The weather was cold and windy with periodic flurries. Ski out was in good shape and I didn't come across soft snow until two thirds of the way to the bottom (at the hairpin turn just below the gondola turn). Not even a "marginal conditions" posted on the main ski out, although the lower canyon appears to be finished. Despite my disdain for ice (you easterners would call it hardpack), I will be back. Forecasts indicate a couple of more small dumps in the next week, and at some point the sun will begin to soften things up. Unless we get a monsoon followed by a heatwave there will be plenty of snow right up until closing.
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It's supposed to be sunny and warmish tomorrow, so I'll be heading there as planned. They were calling for snow earlier in the week, but I guess that never materialized, even though I drove through a snow storm today in southern Saskatchewan. Thanks for the reports.
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Please keep the reports coming.

I'm still itching to squeeze a trip (FF miles). Just wondering if it's worth it...

BTW, what's the ticket price right now? And when do they plan to close?
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The only bare spot I saw on the whole mountain was in Garbage Chutes off Standish, but that ridge is baked by the sun all day and it's really steep. Otherwise, the coverage was great. I've been to Sunshine before, and the parts I remember being full or rocks were covered in snow. It's open until May 19, I believe, and someone said they were expecting more snow next week.
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Did you manage to find any cheap tickets, or did you have to pay full price for it?
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I got a slight discount through the hostel I stayed at, but nothing too exciting. However, someone told me that you could get 3 tickets for about $150 at Costco in Calgary, but I'd check in advance if you're going to go that route.
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Ah, thanks. But I doubt they have any more of them now that the season is pretty close to the end...
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Costco still has the discount ticket packs available, as of a couple of days ago when I was there.

Sunshine has also been dumped on again this week, with about 2 1/2 feet of new snow. All runs open. I'll be heading up this weekend.

May 19th will be the last day, unfortunately, but they traditionally close on the May holiday weekend regardless of what the conditions are (difficult to keep staff beyond then). It's too bad, because the mountain is usually at least 90% open at that time of year. This year, probably 100%.
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Originally Posted by exracer View Post
May 19th will be the last day, unfortunately, but they traditionally close on the May holiday weekend regardless of what the conditions are (difficult to keep staff beyond then). It's too bad, because the mountain is usually at least 90% open at that time of year. This year, probably 100%.

Goat's Eye is closed again. It usually doesn't make it to the end of the season.
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Anyone local want to comment on how late Goat's Eye is normally skiable with decent conditions and adequate coverage? On my 2 late March/early April trips it's had great corn with the SW exposure. But that exposure does make me wonder how long the snow will last. Continental Divide area seems consistently colder and was all winter snow on those same trips.
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I was waiting to see if anybody else would answer….I guess I will give it a go. I grew up in Calgary (lived in the city until 97) but skied mostly Lake Louise. I moved back here last year and have skied a lot of sunshine in the last two seasons. I am sure other posters have more knowledge but I will share my observations.

It seems that the freeze-thaw cycle is in full swing for the south side of Goats Eye by Mid to late March. Conditions seem to hold until mid Apil. If there isn’t much new snow, it can get rocky quickly.

Surprisingly, the coverage on the south side isn’t as affected as the lower steeps on the face the lift is on. This probably has to do with elevation and skier traffic. The rocky middle section of freefall and neighboring glades tend to be particularly bad.

Goats Eye seems to close around the same time as the Lake Louise resort (end of april/early may) but fresh snowfall is needed for conditions to be good this late in the season.
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