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Volkl Fuego vs Tierra

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I've heard that the Fuego's are a good ski for the northeast, but in a previous post someone suggested the Tierra's to me. I like speed and I mostly stick on piste, but I have been venturing off into the trees more. Which one's would be a better fit, the Fuego's or the Tierra's?
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There is quite a bit of overlap between these two skis. They have very similar constructions and flex but different shapes. The Tierra is slightly wider underfoot but narrower in the tip. This makes for a straighter sidecut and a slightly longer natural turn radius. OTH, the Fuego has a more agressive shape and a more positive 'pull' from the tip when tipped on a high edge.

Neither ski excells in soft snow or bumps but the Tierra is a little better in those conditions. The Fuego can put a little more excitement into your runs on the groomers due to the deeper shape the "carvier" feel. Edge grip is similar enough to be a push.

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