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Geer or Doat?

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I was in the hospital working earlier this morning. One of the cleaning staff stopped me in the hallway to ask me a question. It is pretty widely known that we have a lot of animals.

She asked me what was happening with her goat. It seems that the goats utter has started to expand, and tits are starting to leak.
However, this goat could not possibly be pregnant.: The goat is kept in a pen.

I said to this lady...well something got her!

To this she replied...do you think it could have been a deer?

Nope, wrong, she's a brunette!
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I think we will need pictures when they are available. What exactly would a Geer or Doat look like?
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Oh Man! This keeps getting better, or worse? I was relaying this story to one of the Phamacy Techs....

I got a puzzled look from the Tech. She said "are you sure?" and "how do you know?"

Evidently sheep and men are capable of....In some peoples minds!

Get me outta here!!!

Nope, wrong again, brunette #2!
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that was baaaaahhhd.
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