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hestra alert!

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Hey Colorado Bears-

Just got this email, though it doesn't help me here in Boston:

Prices start at $10
Nothing over $35!

April 24 11am – 7pm
April 25 11am – 7pm
April 26 10am – 5pm

17301 W. Colfax Avenue, Suite 412
Golden, CO 80401
Must be present to purchase gloves

Adult Ski/Snowboard Gloves, Adult Cross Country Gloves, Adult Ski Racing Gloves, Adult Dress/Après Ski Gloves, Junior/Infant Gloves
Please call 303-384-9969 for more information
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Thanks, I'll be by there on Fri. anyway so I'll stop by.

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rock-on! I've got the Heli Glove; they're awesome!
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Thanks again for posting this. The family collected 8 pair which came to $190 but the girl said how about $175? When it rang up I noticed tax was included! We're set for gloves for a while.

Viking, they had a pair of Swedish ski team gloves but they were a bit small or I'd have picked them up.

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