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Taos,N.M sking info needed

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Hey....I need info on the Taos area skiing....Red River...Angel Fire....Lodging....Restaurants...Ski Rentals...Ski Instruction...I've been twice and want more lessons......Thanks...Happy Skiing
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I don't have any direct knowledge but try this Site. It has plenty of info and links to most resorts in North America. I use it quite a bit as a starting point when I'm interested in a particular area.

I'm sure others will chime in with first hand knowledge. Good luck.
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Thanks for the link Coach....I've looked on several of the sites..but, I was really wanting someone whose been to that area to give me first hand knowledge....I think I'll try Taos first. Have a Great day........
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We go to Taos and Red River every weekend during ski season. Send me a pm to reply to and I'll give you info directed toward your specific needs. There is also another bear that is working at red river this season and I'm sure if he sees your post he has lots of info.

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Here is a detailed thread from a northern NM trip Ryan and I went on in December 2003.

For the photos link, if you're not an Image Station member, take the 20 seconds to sign up. We got some nice pix.
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