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Ski Storage

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Well, it's that time of year...time to put the skis away

My wife and I both purchased new skis this year. Compaired to my 10 year old K2's, these new skis are much more concaved (length wise) vs the old skis. With my old skis, I could just use a velcro strap, hang em' and I was good to go. With the newer skis, I notice only the tip and tail areas touch when you put the skis together, base to base.

My Nordica skis shipped with two velcro straps that have a foam block glued to them. If I use this in the center of the skis, I can clamp them together, but it doesn't flatten out the ski. Is this a good way to store the skis?
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Don't attempt to de-camber (flatten) the skis by strapping the middle when you store them. You can strap them together at the forward and rear contact points, but I would leave the middle alone. You don't want to flex/load the skis in any way.
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That's kinda what I figured. I'll take a pic of what I have in there now. My explanation is "so-so" at best.
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what about binding settings for storage should you lower the settings?
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Originally Posted by darent View Post
what about binding settings for storage should you lower the settings?
You will find differing opinions on this; seems to be split 50-50. I don't lower them, and have never experienced ill effects from not lowering them (that I can tell, anyway).

If you do back off the bindings, be sure to reset and test them when you take them out of storage, or the first turn next season will be a doozy! :
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I forgot about this thread! I have to install another ski rack in the garage this weekend. I'll take pics of the skis.
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Glenn, lay them base up in a warm dry area after you turn the din's down and put a good coat of yellow wax on them and the edges.

I'm even going to do the home made hot box idea I stumbled onto one warm day in April. Lay them in the car during a sunny day. let the wax melt into the P-tex.
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Right now, I have them on a ski rack in the garage. We live in a raised ranch, so unfortunately, no basement storage to speak of.
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I remember in the "old days" you could get tapes of instruction for various topics and put a small tape player under your pillow while you slept. Supposedly you would learn the subject matter by hearing the tape play while sleeping. WELL I DECIDED to store all the skis under the bed for the summer:. Based on the idea that by sleeping over the skis I would learn to ski better come next season:. Will let you all know the results, LATER.
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Glenn make sure the garage is dry. In a raised ranch may be under the bed isa good idea.

I have cape, the second floor is mainly for storage. It gets in the upper 90's up there in the heat of summer.
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Good point. It is dry for the most part though. I do wish I had a more "normal" basement set up at times. But that's really my only gripe. More of a "want" than a need.
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Back off the springs - anything to help them last longer.

any dry place out of direct light that does not suffer any temperature extremes as UV causes material fatigue (same goes for boots) is a good storage place.

Lots of wax into the bases and just leave the last coat ie do not scrape and brush. Store flat or strapped tip and tail.

Not sure about hotboxing in the car - not what one would call a 'controlled environment'?
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I just lean em up in the corner of my closet. Is that ok? Not being hung up i mean.

I do cover them with a thick coat of wax.
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I kind of keep mine all over the house In the garage, in the attic, my bedroom. However, I'm taking care of them once in a while.
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