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Mtn HardWear MonkeyMan Jacket - doesn't fit - what to do?

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Sorry, this is a bit long winded. I bought a Mtn Hrdwr MonkeyMan fleece a few weeks ago having dithered a bit over size. I am a fan of Mountain Hardwear and have around 6 garments - all size S.

For layering I like neat under layers. So I ordered an S through the outlet in Chamonix and was well chuffed on it's arrival. I tried it on in the shop and although it seemed tighter than expected I reckoned it would be elastic enough.

Anyway, after a couple of days use it's clear it's too small. It's just about fine with only a light base layer but not with anything else. Very annoying as it's great in every other regard.

So far, all clearly my fault/problem. Anyway, on the off chance (there'd been a few web reviews suggesting size inconsistency) I dropped back into the shop and the article currently on display is (IMHO) significantly larger than the one I have at home. Shop manager not there, told to go back later, did so, no manager - but we compared mine with another shop one.

If you don't stretch the thing, mine's maybe 10% smaller at least where it matters.

I've mailed Mountain HardWear and although they haven't responded, their website did suggest that not everything would be answered.

Anyone got any bright ideas - beyond looking for an alternative? cheers
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Mine fits snug too, but that's okay. It's VERY warm, and I usually only wear a thinner layer underneath it. I usually wear an XL in most MHW gear, but I bought this one in a Lg.

If you need something beyond the Monkeyman and a thinner layer, just throw a vest over the top. The beauty of that jacket is the way it transfers moisture and keeps you dry - anything more than a thin undelayer defeats the purpose. And like I said, you'll be AMAZED how warm it is. It's nothing like a typical fleece.
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I think I'm going to re-engineer the armpits with something a little looser. As you say it's fantastic as a mid layer - it's just a little uncomfortable as it is. The other disadvantage being that it seems to acquire my own personal scent faster than other mid layers - odd...
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The Monkey Man Jacket runs a little on the small side if worn as a jacket and it is recommended to go one size larger if you want to wear it is a jacket (i.e. outer layer). I wear M in MH fleece and I went with a M in the Monkey Man as I plan to wear it as a mid layer. As mentioned, it's wicking prperties are great, however, it has pretty much zero windproofing. This is good when worn under a shell, because you can open the shell to cool off faster.
As for e-mailing MH, have you tried calling them at the phone number on their website? I've never had a problem getting support via phone.
As for the sizing issue, I've purchased a couple of MH Link jacket's and although the windproofing was the same, the fabric felt different and the cut seemed a little different. Further inspection showed that the jackets were made in diffferent countries.
You may want to check the origin of your jacket with the one at the shop and see if they differ.
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