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TR: Mad River Glen / Sugarbush 19-20 April

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If you like big spring bumps GO NOW!

MRG closes today (was originally supposed to be yesterday), but Sugarbush is open the rest of the week. 20% chance of rain Wednesday night, but otherwise warm and sunny. The good stuff may not last the whole week, but its great right now.

Skied MRG Saturday. 70 degrees and sunny. There were several spots where you had to thread the needle around bare spots, but no walking requried. Great bumps on Chute, Paradise, Fall-Line. I skied Phil's favorite line, Catamount to Lynx to where-the-heck-is-Beaver? Upper Catamount (Catamount bowl) was great in the moring, but pretty much gone when I skied it for my last run. It's time for them to close...

Skied Sugarbush on Sunday. The lower mountain is a mess, but the upper stuff is great. Huge soft bumps. The upper half of Ripcord (on Heavens Gate Chair) was superb. (A few thread-the-needle spots near the bottom.) Stein's run has a ton of snow still, though the bumps on it were a bit chaotic and funny shaped. Sunday was even warmer - started out overcast, but the afternoon was sunny and 75 degrees.

Will try to add a few pictures this evening.
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MRG Photos

Check out the temperature at the top of the single chair

Chute from the chair

and from the trail

Lynx - bumps with trees
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Sugarbush photos

Ripcord from the chair

and the trail

THey had a photographer out there for a good part of the day

I went by him several times -- he got half a dozen shots of me looking like a dweeb. But he also got one of me looking like I know what I'm doing. I think I'm going to buy a copy.

Stein's Run at the end of the day

At the end of the day, I was really jealous of these people sitting in the sun having a cold brew... but I had a long drive home ahead of me.

By the way, the new Claybrook hotel at the base had the pool open, and there were lying by the pool in bathing suits (and a lot of kids swimming). Sort of surreal.
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Glad you made it and great pics. Looks like you had one fine day, lucky dog.
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