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Warren Miller's Journey

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This years film is out. Here is a review posted by grrrr on the forum at powdermag.com:

Last evening was the world premiere of Journey, the 54th annual Warren Miller ski film. This film marks the first complete production since Time4Media, a subsidiary of AOL Time Warner and the publisher of Ski, Skiing and Freeze magazines purchased Warren Miller Films last year.

The film is the most ambitious ever, featuring 73 athletes in locations ranging from Portillo, Chile to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco to Valbruna, Italy to Alaska. Nineteen film crews worked on the epic film, which features adventure, technical lines, powder and jibbing.

As we have come to expect from Warren Miller films, the cinematography is polished, with breathtaking vistas from the Alps, Aspen Highlands and the Chugach Mountains of Alaska. As is also the case, the film is interspersed with vignettes of Warren Miller’s often poignant humor. Add in the traditional ski and snowboard bloopers and crashes and you have the making of a classic Warren Miller film.

Unfortunately, like last season’s Storm, this year’s film falls short of its potential. The film suffers from uneven editing that leaves parts of the film (particularly the park segments) with a MTV feel, while many of the travel segments seem to drone on forever. The editors seem to be trying to capture the X-games and National Geographic Traveler while marketing it with a Winter Olympics-style human interest edge. Several times during the film, I felt myself asking “Where’s the skiing?”

One could ask “Where’s the snowboarding?” as well. Only two sequences focused on snowboarding. Those two showed some of the finest riding in the entire film, particularly the riding by Terje Haakonsen, but both felt cut short. One sequence in particular, featuring the late Craig Kelley, had the promise of making up for much that was lacking in the film, but instead left me wishing that it was longer.

Footage from the Chugach Mountains was fantastic, edge-of-the-seat skiing, with Micah Black skiing on knife ridges and Kent Kreitler through sloughs that had the audience gasping. Another audience favorite was the “Kings and Corn” adventure trip featuring former Olympic gold medalist Tommy Moe and brothers Reggie and Zack Crist.

Warren Miller’s scriptwriting goes far to salvage the film. He breaks from recent tradition in offering more than the pat lines Warren Miller fans have come to expect. Indeed, he even starts this film by making fun of his previous scripts. A nice touch in this season’s film is footage of Warren himself skiing, showing us that even at 78, he can still make it look easy.
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Nice review, Harry, and I can't wait for it to come here locally! I've missed it in Iowa the last 5 years.....no venue for Warren in the flats.....BUMMER!
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No venue in New Jersey, either
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Warren gets a lot of flak off this board whenever the topic of ski movies arises. Seems many people feel he's become irrelevant compared to the New Skool production teams.

But I'll always have a place on my shelf for his flicks, they're part of what fueled my mania in the beginning, and he's a tireless and talented promoter of the sport we love.

Not to mention, he's still one of the only cinematographers who's always shot(and still shoots)on real film, which adds an undeniable charm of sorts.

I can't wait to see the latest!
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I'll be there with most of this board http://forum.ski.com.au/

Should be another awesome night out to get revved up for the season. Pity we don't get it till the start of NEXT season in about May!
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