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Helmet question?

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Okay, I know that there have to be some on here with huge noggins like my family. My brother has an enormous head and had a really hard time finding a helmet last time. Finally found one at REI but the strap broke after a few years and they couldn't fix/replace it.

He's been slacking ever since about getting a new one (can't seem to find one he likes). I'm thinking about ordering him a bunch of them and sending them to him; telling him to pick one.

Here in lies the problem. He wears an XXL. That doesn't seem to be an easy size to find (part of the problem). Does anyone have any recommendations for XXL helmets? A special source?

Thanks in advance.

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Both levelninesports.com and sierratradingpost.com have lots of 2XL's available. My experience with both has been absolutley exemplary.

I'd check sizing from each of the manufacturer's sites as they do run differently (sometimes even within manu's sometimes .
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What is the actual measurement around your brother's head?

FWIW & general information:

To insure proper fit: 1) Align the front rim of the helmet directly above eyebrows, then holding straps on both sides pull the helmet down over head. 2) Check for any gaps - there should be uniform internal lining contact. 3) Helmet should sit level with the front rim no more than 1" above eyebrows to protect forehead. 4) Helmet should be snug and comfortable when chin strap is fastened - you have the correct fit if the skin on your forehead moves when you try to roll the helmet off.
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I'm not sure of actual measurement but I know that he's always had to have 2XL for both bike and ski. Heck, I wear an XL helmet as well.

I'll check out the links. THANKS!
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Giro G10 comes in very large (I am a size 62) but all helmets have different mould shapes (like differenct foot lasts for boots) even Giro, for example, has different shapes between the G9, G10, Fuse and Omen.

For me an identical size Fuse does not fit comfortably as the last of the helmet does not fit the shape of the circumfrence of my head but the G10 is perfect (and the model with the visor looks pretty cool too).

I am in a Sweet Rooster (Carbon fibre) and I had to compress a bit of the lining on the back of the head (2mm for about 15mm wide) to get it to fit my head. I know I have probably voided the warrantee and my head will probably explode if I hit something or land badly (just kidding) but it fits and lit looks awesome and it is still better than a bare head when it comes to protecting me from the snowboarder dropping out of the trees without looking.

If he is larger than a 62 then he may struggle to find a helmet that he can get comfortable.
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Boeri go to 4XL; mind you, their XL size seems quite a bit tighter than the Giro or Leedom XL size, particularly front to back.
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Thanks guys. I'm hoping if I get him 5 to 10 to choose from he will find one he likes. :
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