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This year's ski flicks

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Well, while I've been laid up the last couple of days from knee surgery this years ski movies have been arriving at my door. I've had a chance so far to watch MSP's "Immersion", and PBP's "Happy Days". If you have a chance to watch Immersion do not pass it up. Its a very laid back soulful ski flick. Much different from what MSP usually puts out. Scott Gaffney actually put the movie together with this idea in mind. It has about six riders in it and they ski Squaw the entire movie. I think its a good flick for pretty much everyone from the oldtimers to newschoolers.

Happy Days, of course, is an all out jib flick. Not as good as last years Propaganda but still pretty good. Its awesome to watch the progression of these skiers from year to year as their rail techniques progress.

I'm still awaiting the arrival of The Front Line. The trailer for it looks unbelievable. And since I'm cheap, I didn't want to pay the $6.50 shipping and handling that TGR is charging for the Prophecy, so I'm just gonna have to wait until the store I work at gets it in, or use my employee discount to order it if they don't get it in.
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I dont know if anyone even gets excited about Warren Miller films anymore but the one I am waiting for is STORM, I am gonna drive about three hours to see that one in November.
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Huge fan of the MSP flicks I own Global Storming, Ski movie, and High Society.. All three are excellent!

Can't wait to see the new stuff!
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I just watched the DVD of MSP's Immersion, I would call it the Citizen Kane of ski movies. Rather than blow you away with absurdly steep and dangerous lines in Alaska or aerial gymnastics, the film actually captures the joy and grace that is skiing. Technically, the integration between the soundtrack and footage is flawless, and the music is a lot easier on thirty-something ears than other MSP productions. The photography/cinematography is also breathtaking and must be a bonanza for the marketing Dept of Squaw Valley USA. I hope Scott Gaffney will continue to follow this artistic course in future productions.
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Well, there's two excellent reviews for Immersion - guess it's worth a look. Gafney always seems to put a fresh twist on things.

Just saw The Prophecy. My usually gripe continues with them - good skiers but poor editing, sound track and cinematography. Those digital projectors just don't have the depth of celuloid. Still, Micah Black pulled off a line that just shouldn't be possible. Wow!
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I checked out the "prophecy" last weekend in tahoe city This movie was sick!!!!!!! I totally disagree with cheap seats about the editing and soundtrack. If you like big mountains, backcountry hits, and huge lines, then definatly check it out. It was also fun to meet some of the cats that were going BIG on the screen, ie: Kent Kreitler, and Jeremy Jones. Dont worry though CHEAP SEATS, the new Warren Miller flick is coming to your town soon. Hurry, and you can be the first in line [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] . Trees are my friend
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I saw storm and it was great, plus they gave away alot of free stuff it's is a must see
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Yeah, darn, I missed it. Had a big job that had to be done that night.
Last year they showed the latest one as a fund raiser at our Mt Ripley race. Have to talk to Lauri H about it again this year.
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Just received Ski Movie III, The Front Line a couple weeks ago. I've watched it twice and I'm kind of disappointed. MSP has gone downhill since Global. I bought Happy Days this year to watch a jib flick, but I wasnt' expecting so much jibbing in The Front Line. I also appreciate the new school backcountry scene, but there was way too much of that in III. I would have liked to see a lot more huge AK lines. I haven't seen the Prophecy yet but I'm expecting that to be much better. TGR just keeps improving over the years while MSP slips. I enjoy watching Ski Movie I and II, but the deal is I like MSP movies in this exact order; Globabl, Ski Movie I, Ski Movie II. I expect MSP to put out an even better movie each year, but its not happening. I haven't watched a Miller flick in years but I won't get into that (its a whole new argument), but I've heard from my friends that Storm was absolutly terrible, and that was coming from a guy who loves Miller movies.
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I thought Ski Movie 3 was pretty good, maybe not as good as 2, but skill much better than most. The session with Pep and Mike D airing a big glacial crevase was one of the sickest scenes I have seen. Yea, there is quite a bit of jibbing, but I thought the actual skiing was quite good too.

Has anyone got "Immersion" on DVD yet? I have been waiting weeks. Our shop has gotten all sorts of vhs in, but no DVDs.
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The shop I work at has had Immersion in on DVD for over a month now. However, we haven't received The Morrison Chronicles or The Prophecy yet. The Prophecy should have been shipped last week or today though. The Morrison Chronicles are on pre-order until Dec. 1 according to MSP's website. That should be a sick flick.

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I don't know if any of you know about but they have created a free ski/board movie...that is available online.
It will end up only being about 35 minutes long or so. They are releasing it in 3 sections for download. Section one is already out. Either way, I have watched the first section of it and i think it is pretty sick, especially since they are doing it all for free. Check it out and maybe help support them by registering as user with them and downloading it. (the more downloads they get the more sponsors they will have to do the free movie thing again)
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I got my Immersion DVD in the mail about 2 weeks ago. It's probably one of the best ski movies I've ever seen. I'm still waiting for the Morrison Chronicles to show up...
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