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Mantra v. DP Pro

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First time user so please be gentle.
I am 6' 180 lb. expert + skier. I purchased a pair of Volkl Mantras this year and love them. Now I want more.
Has anyone skied both the Mantras and the DP Pro? How do they compare?
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What length were your Mantra's? What do you want out of your new skis that the Mantra's wouldn't provide?

Where do you usually ski? Resort and terrain....
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Mantras Are Great-But...

My Mantras are wonderful. Best ski I've ever had. They are 193's with a Marker Freeride binder. Excellent all around except bumps (pretty wide under foot). If Volkl made a 200+ I would buy it.
I ski steep as possible at resorts. I got out twice (Snowbird & Keystone/Copper), but my home mountain is Mt Hood Meadows. Weak, but it's where I live.
Can I go faster on the DP's? If they have a higher top speed than the Mantras-I will start saving.
Thanks for your thoughts.
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The only top speed DP Pros have is in your own head - that is what they have been designed to do. I am 6'2"/ 200 lbs and ski the 193cm model. I find them moderately challenging to ski and they are certainly stiffer than the average 'big mountain ski' but they are awesome at pretty much everything except skiing slowly in deep powder (ie in trees in areas that you donot know well).

I have heard that they are going a bit wider next year anyway (94mm up to 101mm) so the extra surface area might help a little bit but essentially despite it being obviously incorporated in the design the tip can only be so flexible without then being a noodle on the harder cruddier snow so there is an element of speed required to get the float in really deep soft (smoke like) powder.

If skiing at 'mach schnell' in bowls is your thing then they make a 201cm that will handle any speeds and conditions.

Will you like them, probably - I love mine so much that if Stockli said they were going to stop making them I would buy 3-5 sets and vacuum pack them in UV proof plastic wrap so that I had enough 'new' skis to last me the next 30 years.

That said there are a lot of 'phat' big mountain skis made by the smaller manufacturers that are getting some great reviews and reps:

PM Bro - choose model & stiffness according to needs - new Brocker sounds interesting - http://pmgear.com/index.php?cPath=52...cd3d 561dd809

Liberty - Helix and Double Helix - http://www.libertyskis.com/

Prior Doughboy or Overlord - http://www.priorskis.com/skis_overlord.php or http://www.priorskis.com/skis_doughboy.php

Wagner - completey custom to your body size/ shape, skiing style and skiing MO. - http://www.wagnerskis.com/portfolio/italianebony.php

Moment - look interesting - http://www.momentskis.com/
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Originally Posted by dgski View Post
I got out twice
dg, sorry, is that to say you got out twice this season? In total or just on the Mantras?
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If you like the "feel" of the mantra you might also want to look at the Dynastar legend pro. I have both and the LP is a manlier version of the mantra, stiffer, faster, more powerful. Next years model is going up to 100mm underfoot. I dont really consider the mantra or the LP a great powder ski, they are bottom feeders in really deep snow. They dont surf, they destroy.

You could also look at the Katana which is similar construction to the mantra but wider (111 mm I think), zero camber for pow and it comes in a 197. However, there are many reports of durability issues with the Katana.

PM gear makes some great stuff. The Bro model 188 is 98 underfoot and can be ordered in a stiff or super stiff setup.

If you want something with absoluetly no speed limit, go for the PM gear big bro 192. 114 underfoot, shredder.
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Blizzard Titan Zeus
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Understand that your home mountain tends to present cement in place of smoke, but unclear why you'd want two skis of about the same size and niche for that mission. If you love your Mantras, but want more serious speed, I'd say keep them for a 30/70 ski and go for something like a Dynastar XXL, Supermojo 103 (not the 105), Stiff Bros, or Thug to slay conditions in a straight line. The new Double Helix looks interesting too but not sure how stiff it is.
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