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Ski Bindings, Carry on?

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Im cutting my travel weight allowances really fine and was thinking of removing three sets of bindings and carrying them as carry on luggage for my flight home to New Zealand plus Reno to LAX flight.
Has anyone done this before? Think it will be accepted?
If not what about ski boots?
I tried calling the airlines but they keep reciting the whole "One pair skis, poles, ski bindings as well as a boot bag containing only boots are accepted in place of one piece of checked luggage" which really gets me no where......
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Oh and as a side note, two of the bindings are off interfaces, one set are screwed directly to ski....
Is there any rule of thumb on un screwing/rescrewing bindings directly into skis, with regards the number of times it can be done?
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Re: last question -- no rule that I am aware of, but I wouldn't want to do it even once if I could help it.

You can definitely carry on boots, many of us do that.
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Markers might not make it through security.
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I'm not sure about international flights, but Mr TC removed the system bindings from his Nitrous' and packed them in his carry on, when we flew from GRR to DEN, via MSP.
No security issues with that, but he had to dump 5 bottles of water that he "forgot" he had in his bag.
I'm still laughing about that blonde moment.
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A few years ago (2003, I think) I carried-on to the airplane a set of bindings that I planned on having mounted when I got to Colorado (at the time, the nearest ski shop was two hours away in Orlando). No issues at all going through security, though I did need to explain to the TSA guys in Jacksonville what they were (go figure).
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Why do you feel you need to do that? Which airline are you flying?
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Dont really have a choice!

Because I already have 3 checked bags that all weigh between 50 and 55 pounds! 4 Pairs Skis and 2 snowboards will do that.....
Long Story.
Just got through Reno airport fairly unscathed, just $50 for extra piece of checked baggage.
Now fingers crossed for LA.......
Made sure I went AA to avoid those $25 fees....
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