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Remote location at the end of season

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Hi, I'm new here. Been lurking for a while but just joined today looking for a little help.

Late this season I came to the conclusion that the boots I've been using are too big and started shopping. The problem is I live in a location with zero ski stores. I drove up to Mammoth this weekend just to try on boots but found that the selection in my size (28-28.5) was very limited. I was able to try on a Salomon Impact 7, Nordica Speedmachine 12, Beast 10 (not sure what year it was from) and that was about it. The salomon seemed to fit OK but was soft, the Nordica's were bit too tight through my left foot, but probably workable if it wasn't for the fact that I had a little too much room through the ankle.

Now my prospect is to wait until next year, or try something off the internet and hope for the best (or resell on ebay).

Anyway, I'm 42, 6', 175lb, level 7. I wear about an 11.5 street shoe and I have a wide forefoot (about 110mm), normal arches and a fairly narrow ankle and lower calf. I'm inclined to try the Salomon Impact 10. The other boots I was looking at are the Atomic M100/110 or B100/110. Descriptions of the B100/110 sound like my foot and the guy at Footloose said I looked like a good candidate for the "B" (they were out of stock) but I am afraid they may be too wide. Any advice would be appreciated.

OBTW - when a manufacture says their boot has a 100mm last is that for all sizes? Seems odd, as a 100mm would be wide for a mondo 24 but narrow for a 31.
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Footloose is a very reputable shop and has many model boots in demo which you and try before buy. I would encourage you to listen to what the guys there tell you!!
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another vote for footloose...... re the boot widths a 100mm last is normally measured in size 26/26.5 shell and increases /decreases as you go up or dowm the sizes
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I drove 3 hours and was well prepared to spend the day at Footloose, unfortunately at this time of year they didn't have anything in a 28/28.5 (I think they might of had a pair of Tecnica's) that were what I was looking for.

Thanks for the info on the last measurement, it had been confusing me since when I tried on the Speedmachines they did not totally crush my foot.
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Welcome to epicski. Sometimes the best laid plans do not pan out. For another 3 hours North from Mammoth, we have in stock In size 28/28.5:

Salomon Impact Pros 120 flex
Salomon Impact 10 110 flex
Salomon Impact 8 90 flex
Nordica Speedmachine 14 120/130 flex
Nordica Speedmachine 8 100 flex
Rossignol Z 14 80/90 flex

PM me if you have interest. We can ship anywhere, and you could always have Footloose build your footbed and do the final fit and alignment work the next time you get to Mammoth.
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just going back to your 1st post, with the info you give 28 may even be a little big, what was the shell check in any of the boots you tried

[not wanting to Do Jim out of a sale] [sure he will have 27/27.5 in some also
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Thanks for the feedback. I shell fit 28/28.5 (but not in any of the boots I was interested in). I ended up getting some Impact 10s online (I know, less than ideal, but they can be returned). I'll let you know how it goes.
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look at how much space you have behind the heel
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