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PM Gear soft Bros

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I posted this review over on tgr but thought I'd provide his link for all those interested


After much forum reading, finally got out on the 183 Soft Bros for a couple of days at Crystal Mountain in Washington. Mounted 3mm forward of the line with Mojo 15s

Me: 5’ 9”, 165 lbs, expert skier but not hucking cliffs or anything. Like to ski with good form and in control so probably a little slow compared to the more typical hellbent mags out there

Day 1: 12” blower powder that set up into cascade concrete by the afternoon

I was a little surprised the Bros did not float better than they did. My last powder day like this was on a pair of Salomon Guns which floated and pivoted beautifully on the powder. The Bros just wanted to arc big GS turns straight through the pow, not necessarily on top of it

To their credit, though, it was very easy to initiate turns with the Bros. So despite the fact they wanted to carve the fall line, I could easily control them with shorter turns. In the chutes, I discovered I could crank a few short turns to position myself, and then at a certain point just let ‘em run into the open terrain below. The Bros felt quite stable while doing all this

I will also say that I tend to ski with a forward stance, even in powder. And using this technique I never once felt like I was going to take a header

The second chair I hit ended with a bump run at the bottom. Again the Bros wanted to rip GS turns through the bumps, but were easy to control with slalom turns. They have a nice flex in the bumps, able to absorb a few hits but also snappy enough to pull off some quick turns. I wouldn’t say they’re easy to throw around, but they’re quick to carve, if that makes sense. I never felt like I was getting tossed in the backseat either, which was nice

In the trees I was still getting used to the turning radius. They are not “turny”, and won’t initiate a turn unless you engage them. But this is easy to do, you just have to do it. So don’t get lazy because you might end up in a tree well like I did. (thanks for pulling me out, Paul)

As the day warmed up we took our last runs in some fine northwest crud. Even in this heavy snow it was easy to initiate turns with the Bros. I noticed a little tip deflection here but I also felt that the ski was absorbing some punishment that would normally throw me around. Overall, I thought they felt pretty stable as I picked a line of moderate turns. Next time out I wouldn’t hesitate to ski a little faster through the crud

Day 2: Beautiful spring day with quickly softening corn turning to big slushy bumps

I rarely ski corduroy but made an exception to test the Bros for speed and tip chatter others have mentioned. At 165 lbs, I could not get the Bros to chatter. This might have been due to the soft snow, but I liked the dampness quality and they felt waaay more solid carving big turns than my skinny Xscreams. Never felt uncomfortable at speed

I then hit up north facing Powder Bowl to ski some firmer corn snow. Steep at the top then descending into bumps. By now I was getting really comfortable on the Bros. They felt very stable cranking tight turns in the steeps

In the slushy bumps below I could easily carve my way through by mixing up slalom and GS turns. By my second run here I just started carving GS turns around every other bump as the Bros just slayed the soft snow

In conclusion: I never got to ride the Bros in hard snow, but that’s pretty typical of the Northwest. Nonetheless, I think the soft flex makes for a versatile, west coast one-ski quiver. They never felt like a “soft” ski in the conditions I was skiing. They actually have a nice combo of dampness at speed, forgiveness in the bumps and overall stability

If they have one special quality it’s their constant desire to charge big GS turns while maintaining the ability to easily initiate shorter turns, even at slow speeds. I always felt like I was carving turns, which contributes to their stable feeling

I also felt a bit like a minor celebrity riding the Bros as they sparked numerous questions like: what kind of skis are those? Do you have a nickel in your pocket? Are they worth the hype? Dude, first time I’ve seen those

As mentioned numerous times before, the PM Gear guys are really cool to deal with. Just be careful when talking to Pat because he’ll probably sell you a pair of skis
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Thanks for the nudge to get my review written for the 174 Soft Bro's.
I'm sure it will have many of the same comments yours does, like
"I was surprised at how well it initiated short turns"
"I was impressed with the confidence inspiring feeling of these skis"
"I was energized by the nimble feel and light weight of this Big ish ski"

More to come, from a chick's eye view of a Bro!
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Awesome review! I'm trying to find myself a set of fatties for next season, and the PW Gear BROS keep coming up as a great do-everything fatso. You definitely have gotten the (PM) gears turning! Looking forward to Trekchick's review of the 174 cuz I think 183 may be a bit long for me. Thanks!
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Originally Posted by DoWork View Post
Looking forward to Trekchick's review of the 174 cuz I think 183 may be a bit long for me. Thanks!
There's a review of 174 stiffs on TGR.

Remember that Bro's have partial twin tail so the running length is more like a slightly shorter ski though 2-3 cm in length really doesn't matter.

FWIW, I'm stoked about Bro's too. They've got a model that isn't on their website - 186 length BROckers (Tyrone posted here and there's a bunch of posts on TGR). Trying to debate if I should get second set of Bro's.... And which ones :.
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183 Bros - Stiff

Been a while since I have been on but I was helping a co-worker select some new skis and I thought I'd Jump on and review my most recent Purchase the PMGEAR Bro in a 183 stiff. I am a pretty normal sized guy at 5'10" 180 but I ski hard and have a background in Racing (highschool) and teaching (college). I am Coming to this ski off of a Scoot P3 and P4.

This review will jump a bit but its basically a time line so you'll have to deal;

I ordered the ski in June of last year and dealt with Pat, great guy incredibly quick follow up on the order and then was willing to talk me through the purchase. Then it got annoying, initial expectation was set at 6 weeks for delivery, but apparently i missed a cutoff and that continue to get pushed back. I'd follow up with Pat monthly and he'd always get back to me in a day or less. The issue was it seemed like they were geussing at when the skis would be produced, either becuase of thier supplier issues or becuase of some other mythical reason I cant think of. (I know this happens I run a start up myself, but better expectation setting would have been nice.)

Finally the skis arrived late November about 23 weeks after I ordered them, the one upside of this is that in the interim the 183 size came to life and I was able to get that instead of the 179 a size that I had been a bit apprehensive about.

My initial take on teh ski is that it was straight, well made, stiff, and super light. I went with the lightest binding I could find in a Soli Z12 ti, in the famous words of Colin Chapman...continuing to "ad lightness." I had the skis mounted and tuned at Start Haus in Truckee and my first day out on them was a typical Squaw blizzard, top of the mountain shut, snowing sideways, me lapping KT until they shut that.

This ski runs faster and straighter than either of my scotts but as its a good bit stiff the stability in all conditions is good. Turn initiation is no issue at all, in fact for a ski this straight is down-right impressive. The float on coastal snow packs is great and combined with the stiffness makes this the best back-country side-country ski I have ever ridden. Day two was also typical squaw after a blizzard, skied off and chunky by 9am, the ski performed well but as I stuck to steeper lines that day its tough to really gauge the ski.

The Next big trip was up to Silverton in Feb. This was the first time I really got to let the ski run is swaths of un-tracked snow, DAMN these are awesome was my response, by the end of the trip I had sold pairs to two of my buddies with us. The skis love to be ridden wide open and fast, at high speeds even on Rocky Mountain fluff the skis float very well. Silverton though is not all wide open skiing and in very tight trees a little more flex and a bigger tip would have helped me out a little.

The second Big trip with these was to Alyeska to ride with CPG, In alaska with the wide open bowls, heavier snow and longer runs these skis were prefect I could not have been happier.
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Wow great review Absinthe...thanks. The 183 stiff was my 'go to' ski all year last year at Kirkwood and I'm sure it will be again this year.

Damn your review actually made me want to go and rip some turns!
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I actually went into storage and fondled my Bros! Thanks
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