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Happy Birthday ssh - Page 2

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just a kid yet.

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lets see. 48.


hmmm. I'm still ahead of you..



Not by much.


Happy birthday..




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Happy birthday, Steve. You wear it well.

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Happy Birthday! 

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A Warren Miller Birthday wish.


 "If you don't do it this year you'll be a year older when you do"...


Oh wait, you already are!


Happy Birthday anyway






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 Happy Birthday Steve!

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Late as usual...Happy Birthday Steve!


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Wow, coming up on the big 50.........!!!  Better enjoy yourself while you still can!


Happy Belated Bday!

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Birthday wishes from us good ol' rednecks!  Yee-hawwww!



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Hey SteveO!


Hope this year brings better tidings health wise for the family!  Dang it! a year already...slow it down..please!  Hope ya had a chance to ski that big storm this weekend!

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Thank you all!


I am honored that you would remember me!


All the best to you. I'm grateful.


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           Little late, but from the Hart,

Happy B-Day hope it was Grand!



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Originally Posted by Mr. Vertical View Post


           Little late, but from the Hart,

Happy B-Day hope it was Grand! 

Thanks, Vert... I'm looking forward to making some turns with you again this season... I didn't get enough time on-snow last year, and I plan to remedy that this coming season...
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