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Happy Birthday ssh

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Your birthday happens to be the same as Mrs. Cirquerider's, so even though it doesn't show up in the forum events, you are not forgotten. The bad news is, I already have a date for dinner, and you're not it.

Fox and I did hire this band to wish you a Happy Birthday. Have a great day on the occasion of your 47th!

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MY GOD! 47!

Remember when you were a kid and people over 35 looked ancient. When did we get this old?

When do you get the wheelchair?

Happy birthday.... kid.


T-Square (Guy who's about a decade older.)
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Happy Birthday, Steve!
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Have a good one and best wishes! Finest kind, dude.
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Happy B-day Steve and may you have many more!! You're still a kid. Remember, middle age is ten years above where you are now.
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I hope you have a most Excellent Birthday!!!
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Happy birthday! I hope it's a great one, and includes something like this

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Happy Birthday Steve.
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Happy Birthday, Steve. Only 29 more to catch up with me

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Happy Birthday Stephen!

Remember, you are doing great; it is one thing to guide OTH…another to get an invitation to join [as I did recently ].
Enjoy your special day,

Don & Betsy
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47!!! You're ancient

I'll give you a free pass to 45 in exchange for a free Copper/WP pass. I'll give you a warranty and everything

Happy Birthday Steve and many more to come
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Happy birthday Steve.Always the voice of reason.Enjoy your day.
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Many many happy turns my friend!
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Happy Birthday Steve! Sorry I missed the LCG day at Copper...was hoping to have the chance to meet and chat! Hope you are able to find more time to ski next season!
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Oops, sorry we missed your big day...trying out my new sticks at Breck. Hope it was a good 'un!

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Happy Birthday!
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Steve, it was great to meet you and your family even if it was ever so brief. I hope you had a terrific bday!
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Happy Birthday Steve!!!!!

Hope ya having a goodun! You're almost in my demographic!

not to worry......it's not that bad!
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Thank you, my friends! This is a full weekend for us, since my birthday present 14 years ago was my beautiful daughter Rachel... she began to arrive on my birthday, and finally showed up the day after. Of course, her 14th birthday party was much more involved than my 47th...

I sure hope I get more skiing in next season... I was working a bit too much this year! :
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Steve, I've just recovered from the party I held in your honour, or "the weekend" as we call it in England.
Hope you had a happy birthday, my friend.
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Better late than never: Happy Birthday, Steve! Hope it was a blast!

(Happy Birthday to your daughter, too!)
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Belated Birthday best wishes.:
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Happy Belated Steve.

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Am I late to the party? Happy Birthday, Steve.
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Once again, we celebrated Mary Ann's birthday last night, and it occurs to me it is about time for you to get a year older as well.  While you're not catching up, its satisfying to know you are at least keeping up.  So


Happy Birthday Steve!


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Mr. H.  you are a good man and may good things come your way this day and all days in your life.


Open your heart and accept all of our best wishes.


 Happy Birthday!

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Best wishes for a great day to celebrate your birth, your life and a toast to your future.  Cheers.

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Happy Birthday, Steve, and here's to many more.

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Happy Birthday, Steve. STILL only 29 more to catch up with me


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