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Weather Predictions-Mid-Atlantic and East

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Herb Stevens has not updated his site yet but I got some advanced dope from Snowshoe on the Mid-Atlantic/East Coast situation:

"As far as the rest of the winter is concerned, it looks to
me as although snowfall amounts will be down from last year's in the mid
Atlantic, I still think they will be a little above normal. The overall
upper air pattern in the northern hemisphere should be one that favors cold
air in the East and Mid Atlantic, and that will allow for a productive
season in terms of machine made snow. Temperatures should average at or
slightly below normal for the winter as a whole.

As usual, winter sports enthusiasts who are "weather
engaged", are asking about El Nino, and it's counterpart, La Nina. At this
point, it appears as though a weak El Nino is in its formative stage in the
central equatorial Pacific. The position of the pool of warmer than normal
sea surface temperatures, as well as the small magnitude in the departure
from normal of those temperatures, correlates well to a slightly colder than
normal, slightly snowier than normal winter. Combined with other factors,
such as sea surface temps in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Alaska, as well as
upper level wind patterns over the Pacific, and cyclical solar activity, I
believe that this winter may not be as spectacular as a year ago, but a
solid one for skiers and riders headed for the "Island in the Sky".

[ November 10, 2003, 12:00 PM: Message edited by: West Virginia Skier ]
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Inetersting to relate this season to last season. Last season started off excellent in the beginning, however, there were not too many snow storms when it really counts. Killington, which usually gets 10 feet in March was lucky if it saw 5. Were it not for the very cold weather in January/February to preserve the snow pack, last year would have been a total disappointment. Another mitigating factor that benefitted the quality of last season despite the lack of snow from mid-season to the end was that there were few "Wintry Mix" storms. Pretty much was either clear or snowing out. No rain or ice.

I got most of my powder days in before January 15th.

That being said, east coast skiing last year was if nothing, consistent and good.
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Yeah I'm starting to worry about the warm weather, then the short cold snaps, then the warm weather. I'm starting to fear we're going to have major dumps followed by brief hits of warm/rain, followed by cold icey lengths, then maybe a dump and the whole process starts again. Kind of like a mix of last year and the year before. Last year being cold and lots of snow, the year before being 30's-40's and lots of rain.

I really hope it's a decent winter like the almanac is predicting, but the weather so far just has not cooperated. Warming up again tonight for the next 2 days. 41° for the low tonight :

I honestly think no turns will be had until December at best now.
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