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is this ski outdated?

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'06 Rossignol VS Oversize Ti All Mountain Slalom Skis

Does it make sense (outdated, not as good etc) to replace my Head 08 ixrc 1200 for all mountain use? Sometimes do carving and offpiste.
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No, it doesn't make sense.

Not because it is outdated; the ski is fine, but because it is a bit more specialised for on-piste than the Head.
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No. I own the Rossis. Great race trainer, nice for all around SL carving, not anything like your Heads, not a replacement.
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It's a great ski, not outdated at all. However it does have a smaller turn radius, perhaps a bit too small for an only ski, but fine for a quiver member. It is very quick in rapid fire turns, but not as solid locked-in on the longer faster turns. Replacement, no. Addition, yes.
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Thank you all for the opionions.

Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
Replacement, no. Addition, yes.
If the airline allows me to bring two pairs of skis I ll definately do so.
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