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> Some runs on Turner you would have to wait probably a half of an hour for
> anyone else to come down it. That's some. MOST would take 1 hour to 2
> hours. There are some areas that see 4-20 skiers per day. maximum.
>Traffic while skiing? No thanks, man.

I-Spew, that's simply so astonishing, I'm selling the house, selling the wife and kids too, and moving out to your neck of the woods. I would even throw in some important parts of my anatomy for a season in a place like that.

That's the way I remember skiing when I started, and thats the way it should be.

OTOH, I just looked up Turner, and saw that the uphill capacity is only 500/hr and there is only one T-bar. Humm, maybe I better not sell off the kids quite yet.

Tom / PM

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Warm welcome to Epicski, nwprtski. As someone who learned in her mid mid 40s, I underestand what you are talking about.

I mentioned Whistler Blackcomb above. When I take a 4 day workshop there, they usually start on Whiskey Jack. Invariably, I get put back a level, because I have this incredible fear of skiing into a crowd.

Many people do not take the 4th day, so its a smaller class. When we get to Blackcomb, the instructor is usually shocked at my skills once we get onto more challenging terrain.
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Afterthought: There is one problem. With all the "learn fast" programs around nowadays, there are many skiers who say they "do Blacks" but are pretty pathetic in their technique. That could make the Black trails more dangerous.
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I dont know about you but after the mad rush of people last year in the NE (primairly because of the great winter). I went out an bought a helmet. (Not totally because of the people, mainly because I make my kids wear one...soo,,,"why dont you have to wear one Dad?")

We stay mainly on the blacks, I feel, at least in NE they are safer, but the way the trails cross or pour into the greens and blues, it gets dangerous. I always tell my kids to stop on the high side above any intersection. Look and wait for the bombers and then go.

I dont know how many times I see down hill racer want-a-be skiers in a tuck rooring down a green, 4 or 5 at a time. :
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Pierre, I also find that there are very few people skiing the icy bumps with me. Which is a good thing, as I need every last bit of concentration. Also, it would be kind of embarrasing because I am pretty lame when the bumps get icy.
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My favorite area for avoiding the unguided missles is the backcountry at Crystal Mt. Even though you have to do some hiking to get there it is within the boundaries of the ski area and swept at the end of the day.
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