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Boots for skinny calves/ankles avg width foot

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I'm planning ahead for next season looking for boots. In my area I will have to drive to different shops to find different brands, especially in my size, or travel out of the area. So I was hoping you guys could give me a short list of what may work for me.

I am 41 yo male, 5'7" 140lbs. Got into recreational racing in the last year and I thinks its time to downsize from my comfort fit boots.
I have very skinny calves and ankles and avg c/d width foot and avg instep height, although I use a Aline footbed, which seems to increase the instep height a bit. Iirc, my left foot measured 24.5 and right 25.0.

I am currently in a Dalbello Krypton Cross, 25.0 (which uses the 25.5 shell) with the stock liner. The liner is a snug fit. Shell fit is a good 2 fingers (I bought these before I even thought about trying racing). I think the last is 98mm and the boot is snug across my forefoot. Padding was added to both sides of the liner above my ankles to snug up that area. The boot feels long and generally not snug enough, especially through the heel, and I feel like I have to over-buckle it to snug it up and that affects the flex as well. I thought about just getting an intuition liner to take up some room, but think maybe I should just start fresh with a new boot. I am also intrigued by the Fischer soma-tec set up.

I know it is tough from a forum, but from what I provided, any models out there sound like a match for my foot? I am thinking about a recreational type race boot, not a plug, and not too stiff, given my weight.

Thanks in advance boot guys!
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salomon falcon

lange WC (96mm) or lange WC fit (98mm)

Nordica doberman/aggressor?
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+1 on a Lange WC 96 or 98mm. Don't shy away from a plug - just get a ZB flex .
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and down 1 if not 2 sizes depending on the thickness of the fingers used for the current shell check
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Thanks, I'll put the falcon and lange on the short list.
Any thoughts on whether atomic race tech or fischer rc4 race/progressor may be a match?
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I traced and measured my foot... 24.8 L and 24.5 R. Both 10.0 across the ball.
What size should that translate to for lange?
And could the Lange 110 Freeride HP be a decent option for me?
Does the HP fit with the wider last also mean it will have a roomier fit in the ankle/calf area?
Does Lange shell size increase on the on the whole size or half size?
Thanks again!
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size 5ish in lange, (maybe 4) but see a boot fitter and try some on to be sure. with 100mmm width I'd look at the HP fit. I measure 265mm foot and ski the size 6.



4 and 4.5 are the same (275mm) 5.0 and 5.5 are the same (284)
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