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Planning a quick trip next week Mon,Tues. Anyone skied it this week? Plenty of good terrain still open? Thanks in advance.

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not sure what you are hoping to get, but keep in mind that Cali is full-on Spring conditions at the moment.

this means hard, borderline boilerplate in the morning which quickly turns to soft-serve and slurpee slush by early afternoon.

last weekend folks were reveling in bikinis at Mammoth.

if you are looking for solid snow and semi-winter conditions you might wanna check out Colorado. apparantly Aspen Highlands is still open for the weekend, as is A-Basin and Loveland.

just letting you know since you're going to be making a trip from Sun Valley and all (that's quite a haul just for some Spring corn and slush, in my opinion).
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Thanks Dook,

I'm actually in Palm Springs where I stashed a pair of MR 179s and a never skied pair of ANTs last fall. I'm actually crazy enough to drive from Idaho, but it's only 6 hours from PS.
And I'm sitting on 97 days. Can you understand my motivation?
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in that case get sum!

also, you might want to peruse the Mammoth boards...they have a pretty tightknit community there and you'll get more in-depth and first-hand condition updates.
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Holy crap did I ever have my a$$ handed to me! If you're going to Mammoth bring real race skis with a real race tune. A solid sheet of ice top to nearly bottom.
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My son Adam has been living at Mammoth for most of the time since Christmas, and he packed up and left yesterday.

It's the worst of spring at the moment, cold enough so the snow doesn't soften, yet no storm or new snow.

This weather does slow down the melting, so Mammoth will have no problem lasting to Memorial Day with considerably better cover than last year. And it will be good when it's warmer.
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