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Some of you may be aware that I made a pair of my own skis last season. One of the hardest parts was determining where to place the "centerline" of the ski.

Looking at many pairs of skis, it seams that the actual center of the side cut, which I assume should be the center of the binding, is behind the center of the contact surface. For my first design, I estimated the position by measuring several pictures out of a gear guide. In doing so, I found that the skis centerline was located approximately 55% of the skis length from the tip. This seemed to work OK, but I'd like some more numbers.

This is where you come in. Hopefully at least a few of you could help me out here while you are putting everything into storage for the summer. Here is what I need:

Ski: Maker/model
Specified Length: Length printed on ski
Contact Length:
Optional, but very helpful. Place ski on a flat surface, then measure from where the tip contacts the surface to where the tail contacts the surface.
Tip: Dimension printed on ski
Waist: Dimension printed on ski
Tail: Dimension printed on ski

Distance to Binding Center:
This one is a bit trickier. Ideally, measure from the front contact point to the printed centerline. Alternatively, measure from the tip to the same line (less accurate for me due to tip design, but quicker). Please specify if tip or contact surface was used.
  • Mount Details: If the skis have multiple specified mount points or are mounted custom, please specify this as well (i.e. "Park" mount or +5cm). This will help me to determine if the specified centerline might be off.
Any units are fine, I will convert to the metric system when I toss them into a spreadsheet.

Please post all replies Here so I can keep track of them.