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As I have time on my hands now. I had a thought, and would like to get a few opinions.
Throughout this year, I have asked about demos, different kinds of fats, and midfat, read a ton of reviews.
I have bought, and demoed alot of skis that have been reviewed...
I read about the legends series, the monster series, supershapes, Rx series etc.
I very rarely see anything about the Rossi's, other than the squads, and that is not often..I was just wondering why you do not see more of the newer B series, such as the B94, B83, B78..When people get opinions on what they should buy, or demo these skis do not come up very often..Anybody have an opinion on why?
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If you do a search, you'll see quite a bit on Rossis, a lot of it negative. I've had a few threads/posts on the same issue, especially why Rossis get better reviews outside the U.S. Bottom line: Most of the better skiers here have race backgrounds, like recreational skis with some heft and energy. But while Rossi race skis are excellent - and have plenty of gravitas - their Bandit series has tended to be light and forgiving, without much energy or bite. Vanilla skis. I currently own several of the race and race trainers, also the old wood core B1's, have owned the B3's, love the race carvers, never much of a fan of the Z9's or the current B1/B2's. The B2's especially are a yawn in my book.

Also, my personal take is that Bandits are too popular among renters and intermediates to be popular here; symbolic contamination regardless of their virtues.

But I've heard that the 09's are back to solid wood cores, are getting better buzz. Maybe Rossi's will get back some respect...if they become demanding enough to lose those pesky renters.
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Originally Posted by beyond View Post
Also, my personal take is that Bandits are too popular among renters and intermediates to be popular here; symbolic contamination regardless of their virtues.

Hey, that's good writin'.
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The wider Rossignols don't have much sidecut. They are great if you're going fast all the time but a bit more work obviously if you need to turn them quick.

I prefer more sidecut nowadays as I get continually lazier.

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love my rossis
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I had a chance to demo some of rossi 09 offerings-I too have never been a fan of the bandit series or any other foams recreationall ski-but, Rossi has some great skis coming out next year-the best of which that I demoed was the 'Classic" CX80- a wood core, 80mm waisted ripping ski-unlike any other non-race rossi I've ever tried-keep an eye out for it, it's pretty great ski and a step in the right direction for rossi
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I picked up a pair of 03 rossi bandit xxxs off of ebay for 30 bucks, theyre a big heavy lazy ski untill you start hauling ace, then they start to liven up but still take a bunch of energy to ride. Only positive thing i can say is that they bust crud like mad, crud rides like groomers. Theyve got some sort of an aluminum or metal core so it does have a little energy carving out of a turn while haulin but only a little. The core on my other rossis went spaghetti after 80 days. Plannin on switchin to some skis that an engineer at my college is makin.
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Interesting stuff. I like my B2s and next year I plan to get some Phantom SC 87s.
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