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Moldable Salomon boots

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Has anyone heard any news about the upcoming Salomon heat moldable shell?
I've heard that the new plastic they are using in the moldable area can be molded at lower temps, and that it is only used in specific areas. I couldn't get any model specific information as far as boot lines, shell fit, perrformance levels, etc.
Can anyone else shed any light on them?

Thanks in advance

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It is going to be available on two Falcons and the Instinct. The Falcon Pro CS is a replacement to the Falcon Race (though they will still produce a plug boot) has a 120 flex and is pretty impressive
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nice idea, but really doesn;t do much that a good bootfitter can't/would do anyways, and still have some downsides too. (not reversible, not CF over the instep or ankles, more money, can't do small spot stretches, just larger more general ones)
plus it is the first year for this, trust NOTHING in the first year. Let someone else test this CF version 1.0 and get on it the next year after the bugs get solved.
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From what I hear (granted this is from Salomon) it is reversible. That being said, I am in not going to be wearing them either but for the recreational skier this might (just might) be a great idea
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I'll be buying new boots before the next season.
I won't however be buying these. I thought that the concept was interesting though.
I do see another problem with them in that I can see lot's of inexperienced shop employees heating and stretching shells to try and cure fit problems. The same ones that I wouldn't let near any boot of mine while they are holding a die grinder or a heat gun.
I'll stick with the old school grinding, punching and stretching until this technology is proven and offered by a reputable bootfitter.

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