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Did you work towards an instructing or coaching level this season?

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This was in the ski instruction area, I thought I would add this to the snowboard section.
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My season - warning, somewhat long

2007-2008 Season accomplishments

Background: This was my second season at Winter Park. This was my fifth season teaching part-time for a full season. One season ended early due to injury. I earned my Cert 1 five years ago. Training was hard to get at my old ski area so I moved on. I have been riding since 1988 but upon reflection my technique mostly sucked until I started instructing.

I made a commitment to really train hard this season. I’m working on progressing all aspects of my riding, teaching, and MA. This is difficult as a part-timer. My supervisor, the trainers, and co-workers recognized my efforts and I had an end of season evaluation that reflected it. Progress couldn’t have happened without their help and support.

1) I took numerous training classes before line-up and full and half-day training clinics. I’m still digesting it all.

2) I tagged numerous upper level lessons to learn from more experienced instructors, I had my own lessons tagged by less experienced instructors. Got some great tips and feedback.

3) Got to teach upper level lessons and implement knowledge I’ve learned.

4) Finally beginning to make progress on some of my biggest challenges in riding tasks necessary to get Cert 2.

Moguls- learned advanced mogul techniques and I’m working on it constantly. I still need to improve my cross-under technique. I’m going down mogul runs that I wouldn’t have dreamed of going down even two years ago. My pressuring has really improved. Getting better bindings has helped with my ankle flexion. I have much more confidence in my ability. My shopping cart is being left behind.

Freestyle – another deficiency area. I’m in my mid-forties and don’t heal as quick as I used to. I went into Superpipes for the first time this season. First Copper, then Winter Park. I can only change edges at this point and making it about halfway up the wall. I’m still working on technique but it’s probably enough for Cert 2.

Terrain park – another deficiency area. Needs improvement to get to Cert 2 standard. In the past month I’ve finally been able to get decent air off of jumps. I think the new bindings helped. The timing of jumps still needs work.

Board slides – I’ve always been afraid of boxes and rails. I’m not alone here. Last week I finally did a 50/50 board slide on the biggest, highest, longest funbox to date: in a clinic, in front of my peers. They cheered my success. Wow.

Front-side/Back-side 180’s – I can finally do toe-side front-side 180’s. Still need the back-side 180’s to be at the Cert 2 level.

5) I’ve really developed total confidence in my riding abilities. I don’t know why I’ve been afraid of various terrain and features in the past. Perhaps the change has been due to vastly improved riding under the direction of some incredible in-house trainers.

6) I got to mentor some first year instructors.

7) Took my Cert 2 Prep Clinics in January – this was pushing things somewhat but, I wanted to see where I stood. I was a little depressed to see how much more I needed to progress. I brought back my experiences from preps as did other Cert 2 candidates and we all worked together to bring up topics for Cert 2 in-house training clinics.

8) I passed the Written Cert 2 Exam – still three days of on-snow exams left. I’m not ready for the on-snow exams so I won’t be getting my Cert 2 this season. I’m okay with this. My riding and confidence in my abilities have improved tremendously. I’ve worked hard for this and have been incredibly sore, tired, and beat up at the beginning and ending of many days. I’ve earned the respect of many full-timers and am grateful for their help and support.

9) I did many fun silly things with my co-workers. We did win second place with our float in a Winter Park parade.

10) I won a gold medal in daily NASTAR and qualified for Nationals. I raced in the Nationals and won first place in my age group in the non-alpine division. I placed fourth overall in the women’s non-alpine Race of Champions. I finished second in national rankings in my age division. I raced everything on a freestyle board when many competitors used alpine boards and racesuits. It was fun and I won this big cool medal. I won a racesuit too – I’m going to look silly in it.

I think it was a pretty successful year. Still a ways to go. Cert 2 looks do-able next season.
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I teach part time and both alpine and riding disciplines. And I teach in the mid atlantic (i.e. a short busy season). And I'm on the training staff (i.e. I generally don't ge tto take clinics because I'm giving them). And I was focused this past season on completing my level 3 alpine cert.

I've been told my riding is at level 3, but it's not level 3 by my standards yet. I know my freestyle is woefully lacking (our pipe didn't even get open this year and I've stayed out of the park while recovering from a slow to heal collarbone break).

After 5 seasons of prep for Alpine level 3, my plan is to take a season off from active prep to reflect on lessons learned, evaluate my health and see if I can tolerate the risks involved in getting my freestyle up to snuff (at 50, I figure a season ending injury is a real possibility).
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Earned my USASA level 200 coachin cert, and been told to get my 300, just need to find the time...
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