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My Dad was an avid skier and he used to take us up to "Upper Michigan" once or twice a winter to ski at Procupine State Park, Cliff's Ridge, or Iron Mountain.  He was a Tool and Die maker.  When the first "release bindings" came out, he actually made some at his shop for me and my sister.  The tops were some kind of brushed metal.  They were our first release bindings. They worked great, and what I wouldn't give to have those now!

Great story There's a few people here who'd love to see those! Any photos?
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My first trip was a church youth trip to New Mexico when I was 12 (1987).  Day one was at little ol' Red River.  Spring break ice.  But I can remember the ski instuctor vividly.  I was shocked when an african american walked up and was the instructor.  No racial bias at all.  I was just suprised since he was probably the only african american on the mountian.   I remember he was the coolest human being I had ever met at the time.  What was really hilarious is his name was "China" of all things. LMAO  He had several great drills that I've never seen at a ski school since while taking "never ever" friends over the years.  We spent days 2 and 3 at Rio Costillo (better snow).  I really miss that place.
I was instantly hooked.  Even after breaking my hand on day 3.  My only thought was "this will heal and I'll be back next year!"
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I'm taking my 5 and 7 yr old daughters skiing for their first time this winter.  I indulged the ski ego gods and bought a family season pass and some lessons for the kids (along with 4 new pair of skis).  I hope my kids like it or I've just wasted a lot of money.
I really hope they like going to the mountain and enjoy the whole skiing scene.
I never started skiing till I was in my 18, when I got dragged along to Bosquet in MA.  As soon as I started down the hill, I knew I was hooked.  I went skiing the next day too and went out and bought equipment the day after that.
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I remember my first time. I was about 3 years old. My parents took me and my sister to Linder's Lodge ("linger longer at Linder's"), which had a rope tow behind the lodge. It still exists, reinvented as the Bear Creek Lodge.

The lodge hasn't changed much on the outside since then (note the classic Forest Service architecture)

Today skiers travel farther up the mountain road to Mt. Spokane:

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Mine first time was at the now defunct Ski Idlewild near Winter Park. Nothing there but a couple of easy green runs and a rudimentary lodge at the bottom. One double chair and a poma. It was probably late '68 or early '69. My stepdad rented me and my brother some Hart Standards with cable bindings and lace-up boots. I mangled an ACL late in the day, but it was too late to deter me; I was already addicted.
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56 at Paradise on Mt Rainier.  I was 5, in a pair of white rubber boots and everyone had bear trap bindings.  An Uncle and his family and our family all took it up the same day.  Everyone put on the skis and we were all off like a heard of turtles, look out world.  I was the youngest of all 5 kids by a few years.  Of the 5 kids that started that day we became 2 instructors, 3 patrolmen, with over 20 years of ski between us. 

The ski area is long since gone, but was at a museum in Seattle a couple years ago.  They had a photo of Paradise from that vintage turned into a mural, think I spotted uncle and 2 of the cousins in it.  Seeing your youth in a museum really does make you feel old.
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same place as first time, same general era, but 3 years later. from the start, the need for speedAlaska, 1955, 7 years old, Arctic Valley Ski Bowl 6 rope tows. I had on toy skis really, no edges and nothing to hold your heel down. I waited in a short line got up to the  rope and grabbed as hard as I could. Of course I was pulled onto my face and lying that way going up the hill a few yards. Back in line, attack the rope again with the same result.  The lift guy went up to my parents and told them I needed real skis if I was going to ride the rope tow. And so it started. If I can get the photo, It's a couple years later at the same place.
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Yeah, that's embarrassing.  Strawberry Hill at Taos.
March 11, 2004.  Very first day, ever, as part of the two-day Yellowbird program.
Strawberry Hill is probably a couple dozen yards, but seemed huge at the time.
Imagine my shock on day three, going up Lift 1 (above Al's Run) for the first time.  It seemed impossibly tall and steep.
I now know it's rather average.
I went back last season - and realize, yeah, Strawberry Hill is small.  
Lifetime, I have only 25 days skiing under my belt.    But I'm proud of what I've been able to accomplish in that time - no problem with any green or blue runs, love NASTAR, plus select blacks, moguls, parks and off-piste.
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I grew up in warm places and never thought about skiing. So it wasn't till I went to college at Michigan it all of a suddent became a "must do"... After a 3 month long winter, knowing full well there's yet another 3 more months of the same, any excuse to get outside was embraced!

Lower Michigan is pretty darn flat. The hill we went to, couldn't be seen through the trees. That's how high the bunny hill was, couldn't even peek through the tree top! 

It wasn't until I stood on half way up that bunny hill (not even the top) that's no higher than tree top hill suddently got really BIG!

Funny thing was, coming down wasn't as bad as I feared. Snowplow worked pretty well. It was managing the rope tow that proved to be really hard. I never made it to the top on my first day, always falling off half way. I got real good at side stepping really quickly! ;-)

I had my share of falls and accumulated some pretty impressive bruises. Why I stuck with it I never figure out. I guess cabin fever was that bad after all.
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 It was cold, dark and I was alone. Oh, we were talking skiing. 
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My 5th birthday.  I don't know why but my parents bought me a pair of skis at a local department store.  No one in my family skied.  I remember them well.  they were blue with screwed in metal edges and cable bindings that did not hold your heels down.  I had a pair of Sears leather work boots that became my ski boots. I was 5.  I spent most of that mid- February day making tracks around the house.

For the next 4 years I used them in our back yard and at the local sledding hills in our Poughkeepsie, NY neighborhood.  I got good at going straight. It wasn't until I was 9 that I finally got to a local ski area - rope tow and t-bar - that I learned to stop.  Out of sheer terror and necessity I pulled off a near perfect hockey stop just inches shy of the fence between the bunny slope and the parking lot.  At least that's how I remember it.  Anyway, it stuck... I can still pull off a near perfect hockey stop when faced with certain disaster.
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 As I recall........
I was a little nervous and a little excited.  In the end I was left with a big grin on my face.
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I'm a late-comer to the sport ... started really skiing when I was 30 ... but my 1st time was in 1980 with a bunch of friends from college at Asessippi Ski Area near Roblin, Manitoba (just south of the aptly named Duck Mountain Provincial Park)

Who knew there was downhill skiing in the flattest province in Canada, eh?

There were many "firsts" that day ...

  • First face plant ... when the rope tow pulled me over
  • First ejection ... when the rope tow yanked me out of my skis
  • First time riding switch ... right down rope tow line
  • First time I lost a glove on the lift ... and a pole ... which the rope-tow seemed happy to take to the top without me

Oh, also the most times through the lift line (5) for the least number of runs (1)

Why on earth do they let "beginners" near a rope tow in the 1st place??

I'm often amazed that I came back and tried it again ... but here I am and I can't imagine anything else I would rather be doing in the winter than skiing.  (Go figure!)
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Originally Posted by OldEasternSkier View Post

Oh, also the most times through the lift line (5) for the least number of runs (1)


That's a good one! :o)

I didn't keep count of the number of times I fell off the rope tow. Or I might have beat you on that record.

I'm often amazed that I came back and tried it again ...

Sometimes, being sturben has its rewards! ;-)
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Not that I know of!  I'd have to ask my Mom if she has any pictures.  If she does, I'll post them for sure!
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Wooden skis, cable bindings, leather lace-up boots - "Baby Bunny" rope tow at Nor-Ski Runs in Decorah Iowa.  I loved the "speed".
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