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A-Basin Thursday 4/17

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Since I was working last week and missed all that beautiful powder on Thursday-Saturday I have to go up Thursday . Looks like between 5-10 inches on Wednesday afternoon/evening :. I'll be wearing my very visible red ski pants : and my drap green/gray jacket. Anybody want to take a few runs?
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I'll probably be falling down a few runs at the Basin Wednesday and Thursday
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Hmmm ...if my flight is on schedule I get into Denver Thur. about 7:30am. I wasn't planning to ski Thursday. However ...if there is really 10" of fresh snow, I'll look for you mid/late morning after I drag a pair of skis outa the condo on the way...
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Can't make it on Thursday, but hope you guys get enough snow to cover up the layer that's there now.

Everything was frozen solid top to bottom at Breck today until about 11am.
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My Thursday looks a bit unscheduled at this point. I may get to the Basin for a few runs a little before lunch through mid afternoon. I have to be in Denver by 5 though on Thursday.

Anybody know the snow conditions there? Faisal and I skied together today and if the new stuff covers the type of stuff that we skied this morning, I'm going to need some new dentures.
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I'm up for Friday .... guess I should start a new thread ...
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The Enduro is today. Maybe we can get a snow report from somebody skiing there today? With so many skiing Pali lift I suspect that those north facing slopes should be OK. Web cam looks like clouds low level as base is in fog and above blue skies. With a fat enough ski 10 inches should be fine.
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Update.....It is supposed to snow through the night. It's puking here now big time. About 6 new since it started snowing about 4 hours ago.

Tomorrow could be big if things keep going.

I-70 however is a mess right now, and closed from Dillon to the tunnel.
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six inches on the back porch in Summit Cove so far, but it's not snowing nearly as hard as it was a few hours ago
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looooking gooood!

11 more hours for the snow to fall before the lifts open.

Hope the highway is clear in the morning.

My red ski pants should be very visible with all that powder in the background!
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Heading over to A-Basin tomorrow with some friends and my dogs. I'll look for those red pants! These handsome fellas will be hanging out tomorrow - probably watching me fall! :
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A-Basin reporting 4", Breck reporting 10". Wish I could get out today. Let us know how it turns out.
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I'm hoping A-basin is underreporting. I'll let you know.
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They did not under-report Still good snow to be found and fresh lines all over the mt Land of the Giants, Cabin Glades, Miners Glades, Bierstaadt and Elk Meadows had the nicest snow. Had to be aware as areas were manky. Fortuitously ran into cgeib and was able to ski a few runs with him before heading back down. Will be back up next Friday, Saturady, Sunday. Friday with a space at the beach, grill, food, wine and beer. Stop on by if you're around next weekend.
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Originally Posted by bumpdad View Post
Will be back up next Friday, Saturady, Sunday. Friday with a space at the beach, grill, food, wine and beer. Stop on by if you're around next weekend.
? What will be an identifying characteristic of your particular beachfront rental property [please note; beer, grass skirts, hot tubs and hourly performances of human sacrifice are not unique identifiers :]
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Bumpdad, maybe you'd get more response if you'd offer some jello/hot tub fun!
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The huge hot tub filled with jello is not enough?

We have one of the reserved spots up near the exhibition lift. Will find some sort of flag/identifying object beforehand. Maybe my red pants up a flagpole?
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In the town close to me, they ran a calf up the flagpole :

Yes! In fact, I do live in that kind of neighborhood!
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ooooooooohohohhoooooo, thats a bad image

I might just bring one of "Dorothy's friends" - and it wont be Toto or the Tin Man.
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Originally Posted by bumpdad View Post
ooooooooohohohhoooooo, thats a bad image
Farm kids!!! Someone got a trip to the wood shed over that one!

I might just bring one of "Dorothy's friends" - and it wont be Toto or the Tin Man.
Wasn't the TinMan Hartless? Maybe he shoulda talked to Phil.
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I think he was, mine is w/o a brain. Any extra's to spare?
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Hey bumpdad, we'll be hitting the beach on Saturday with some friends of a friend of ours. (Maybe it's you???) If not, we'll try to find you and say hello. Still looking for that identifying characteristic.
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I'll bring up a garden scarecrow and place at our spot and, of course, my bright red ski pants. I couldn't find a flag or other identifier but the scarecrow should work. On Saturday we don't have a reserved beach spot, but will prob wake up very early and place a car to hold a spot for us. I suspect my friends will want to ski hard most of the day and then start grilling in mid-afternoon. I will have beer and some extra food and my friend loves wine so he will have some bottles too. Come on by for some refreshments.

In the afternoon I bet we will be skiing laps off the Pali chair. Early morning doing west wall, powder keg etc - the east facing slopes, then off to Zuma bowl once it warms up and Pali in the afternoon - East Ave, International, North Glades, Davids Run, West Alley, and of course Main Street.

Friday we do have a reserved spot - farthest east, next to Exhibition lift.
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We'll be there on Friday and take a look for the scarecrow and the bright red ski pants. :
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missed you, forgot the scarecrow, but had my pants.
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must have been pretty chilly at the beach on Friday. I wore my spring gear and bailed after a couple of hours of shivering. Sunday was pretty darn nice though.
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It was a bit chilly, but with the grill going and beer on board, we enjoyed ourselves very much. Actually grilled post skiing and left the beach after 5pm.
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That's probably why we didn't see you. Walked about halfway down the beach about 2 pm and didn't see a scarecrow or red pants. You were probably still skiing. Went back to an encampment where some friends had knockwurt, hamburgers, and beer. It was fun but cold. The last half of the meat generally went to one of the lurking dogs because it had gotten too cold to eat.

After about an hour of eating, drinking, talking, and shivering, went back up to take a couple of more runs before upper lifts closed at 3:30.

The temps were great for skiing but marginal for the beach.
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