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186 Dyna Legend Pro vs 190 Gotama

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Looking for feedback from anyone who's skied these 2.

I'm a 34yo, 6ft, 200lbs, aggressive expert skier 80% off piste in Europe (Verbier / Chamonix). I'm currently skiing some 184 Dyna Mythic Riders on Freeride Plus touring bindings.

I tried out the 186 LP's with the standard Look binding in tracked heavy powder and they were definitely more stable and smooth at speed than the mythics. Maybe partly due to the bindings.

I was looking at Sierra Jim's site and the prices are so low (compared to Europe) that I can afford another pair. I'm really tempted by the LP's.

I asked Sierra Jim for a recommendation for a wider off piste ski and he suggest the Gotama, Katana or Coomba over the LP for powder.

Given that we don't get many true powder days the Katana and Coomba look too wide.

The Gotama's seem to get a lot of good reviews and as a pretty aggressive skier, even if slowing down a bit, I'm not sure whether I'll really enjoy the extra forgiveness or miss a stiffer ski in European conditions.

I can't test the Gotama's here which is a minus and note that the LP's are $400 vs $560 for the Gotama's.

Are there any aggresive skiers out there who have skied them both and give an opinion on whether the Gotama is worth taking a risk and paying a bit more for?

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Thanks Chad. Lots of good arguments. Consensus seems to be for the Gotama's although the guy who posted has only skied for a few years and I've been skiing since I was 5 and on stiff skis (K2 Seth Morrisons, Mod X, Stockli Asteroids, Mythics) off piste for 10 years since doing a season in Val Thorens in 1997.

Just wish I knew what more versatile felt like on the Argentiere tracked powder. Oh to demo....
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If you like the LP, but want more powder capability, why not go with the 187cm XXL? One left at Sierrasnowboard:

Here's a couple threads on the 187cm XXL:
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Hi Chad,

Thanks for the links.

I tried the XXL in Alta earlier this year where we had a foot of fresh powder. Skiing in those conditions was magic and the skis were great in the powder but Europe is rarely like Alta and I doubt a ski that wide will perform well in variable conditions.

Having learnt to ski powder on the Seth Morrisons all of these skis are great in fluffy powder so it's more the challenging tracked, crusty, cruddy stuff that I want a ski for.

The Mythic is very good in these conditions but I want something more stable with a solid binding on it.

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First re: the ELP....we got a couple dozen mixed bag Dynastars in @ the end of last week and I think there may be some ELP's in there (I'm off today but will check tomorrow)

Now....Goat vs.....the other stuff.

The Gotama is an easy going ski and can suit almost anyone depending upon the length they choose. However, having said that if you really rip it hard and value unshakable stability over forgiveness....you may feel the need for a more stout ski (Katana or LP) In the group being discussed, the Coomba is similar in temperment to the Goat. The Katana is not super stiff but no noodle either and it is biiiiig relative to the others. The LP in 186 is the par-excellance crud buster of this batch of candidates. The wider and more importantly somewhat softer skis edge the LP in POWDER but that is not to say the LP sucks at that....just that the others are better.

Its just priorities.

BTW....we are just about ready for international.....(maybe even by right now or possibly by Wed-Thur)

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I'm not nearly your size....but am also looking for more powder-specific (not powder only) skis. Have you considered any of the 'boutique' brands? I'm looking at PMGear Brocker and Praxis Big Mtn. There is a lot on the Brocker at TGR - search 'Brocker' and you'll get several reviews. A lot of guys your size seem to love the Brocker. The Big Mtn is new and I haven't found any reviews on this ski.
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I agree with SJ's comments...if you want stability go with the LP 186. I'm 195 lbs and bought the 186 LP earlier in the year. I've been skiing the 194 LP for years and bought the 186 as my "short" ski for days in the trees at Vail. I've been totally surprised at how similar it skis to the 194...super stable in deep pow, straight lines and it rails on the groomers like my GS race skis. Though I have not skied the Gotama in a 191, only a 183, I was shocked at the difference between the two. The Gotama seemed so light and nowhere near as stable (to the LP and many other skis I demoed that day). I also agree the Gotama is more forgiving, however, an agressive skier with good form will probably appreciate the LP.


I do have a buddy (weighs 200) who used to ski the Gotama 191 then he picked up a pair of used 193 Nordica Blowers and hasn't skied the Gotamas since.
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Thanks to all for the helpful replies. I felt the bit of magic in the LP's and your replies are reassuring. And at $399 it is a steal! in Chamonix this years LP is sold out and they are advertising the 2008/2009 LP at 699 Euros = over $1100. You are lucky in the US - lots of powder and cheap skis!

Now Jim, I want to do lots of business with you (you do have an ELP left but it doesn't come up when searching under Dynastar) BUT I need a way to get delivered to the US (so I can pick them up when next in the US to avoid the Swiss customs duties and admin fees) but pay using my Swiss credit card (or direct bank transfer).

Please tell me you can do this :-)

Also, do you sell the Marker Duke or know where I can order one from relatively cheaply?
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The Lp's will be more rewarding for a skilled pilot. They've become my one ski travel quiver since the airlines started cracking down on bags.

My office is close to the airport(ORD), in Chicago, if you want to ship them here.
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For the US delivery location, that is up to you. For your euro card etc. I'm not in the accounting side of the biz but will ask when I get to work later this AM. I know that international shipping got going yesterday, so I'd guess the banking thing is figured out.

As far as the Duke....we sold out in December. Getting one cheaply may be difficult.

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Today's 190 Gots are actually stiffer than you would think, unlike the softer version of old plenty of ski to mach thru anything. Also stiffer than the 183. Running length on the 190s is about the same as on the LPs and they also greatly hold an edge when required.
You can ski very aggro on them yet be maneuverable enough for Verbier's tighter chutes and spots. You can't go wrong with these, got my pair for around € 270.- end of last season and mounted them up with Dukes - really enjoy the setup. They aren't heavy bastards when bootpacking too.

The Coomba is WAY softer than the Gots so no comparison here.

Suggest you rent them for a day and try.
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Go LP and you'll never look back... as long as you like a beefy stiffer ski. The Goats are quite a bit wider but the LP's rock for most everything.
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Shred, very kind offer but I have a colleague who will take delivery. Only questions left is whether Sierra Jim's company will let me pay with a Swiss Card!
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Originally Posted by Bobnmillsy View Post
Shred, very kind offer but I have a colleague who will take delivery. Only questions left is whether Sierra Jim's company will let me pay with a Swiss Card!

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Alas Jim your website says this is only allowed for US billing addresses! And you've no more 165cm ELP's Arrrgh!

My shipping address is different than my billing (only allowed with US billing addresses)
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International shipping and payment have been enabled for three days. We have sold several hundred items overseas in the last three days with no problems.

If you are having problems with purchasing, contact the WM @


Yes....sorry, 165 ELP's are now gone.

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