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So do homes resemble their occupants or vice versa?

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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post
So do homes resemble their occupants or vice versa?

lol...maybe this is more your style:

Yours for only $2.8M
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I live in the same kind of neighborhood. We are in Park City but most of the homes look pretty small when you consider the price. It is just a matter of location location location. I have never lived in the NE but I would imagine one block from water, in the NYC Metro Area is going to cost a pretty penny.
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Somehow I find RR's forthright pursuit of his version of the American Dream to be endearing. My version involves pouring most of my disposable income into my kid's education costs. 'vive la différence'
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Jamesj, while we have no kids the money is spent, dare I say, rather selfishly. But if the money and care of our little dogs is any indication, our future children will be very well taken care of as we were by our parents when we were kids. Probably why we do what we do while we still can.
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Dood! Nice truck! Don't ever feel you have to explain yourself for buying something nice- here's a little something for all the crybabies trying to dig, stab and claw their way into righteousness...


I love how skiers think of themselves as green when the very sport they cling to involves cutting down the vast majority of trees on a perfectly beautiful mountain and erecting giant steel and cable structures all over it.

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^^^Smartest post in 19 pages^^^
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And in keeping with Whiteroom's last assessment of this thread is an appropriate last word. Thanks for watching this week's episode.
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