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"Aspen Extreme" actor

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Deos anyone know who the actor was that played the ski school director in the film Aspen Extreme? That was the film where two guys from the garbage hill, Brighton near Ann Arbor, Michigan, made it big in the Aspen ski school.

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Was it the guy playing Franz Hauser? That was Martin Kemp, I think.
I can tell you for sure tomorrow.
Maybe Dexter Rutecki on the Powderboard would know.
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Howdy Ott,

Try looking here...


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At long last I've discoverd the name of the movie.
It has been broadcasted a couple of times, here.
But it appears that skiing movies do not attract
that much audience share here, so the channels do
not put those on very often...
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Thanks Philth and BobMc. My friend Ziggy Baier, who was ski school director at Mt. Brighton in Michigan for a dozen years was curious...I wonder who did the actual skiing in the movie, the credits do not list them, except for Andy Mill.

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A bunch of my friend did most of the skiing.
Scott Nichols, director of racing for the Aspen ski corp. did most of the skiing as TJ. He also
was in one shot as the ski patroler chasing TJ
(himself). Doug Coombs did the shot skiing down
the frozen waterfall. Scott Schmit did a couple of signature jumps, but had to leave early for a North Face engagement.
Andy Mill may have done a cameo, but I don't think he went to Canada were most of the filming
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Actor is the word that should have had quotes around it.

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