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Fischer RX Hotfire 160cm

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I bought these skis a couple of weeks ago in Andorra, breaking my own rule of always having a demo session with skis before buying.

I was on a coaching course, on good snow (really firm in the morning and not softening too much in the afternoons). I needed a pair of slalom skis, so hire a pair one day. They were dreadful - the hire shops tuning machine had broken (great if your hiring race skis . So I went and bought a pair that evening. I essentially found the skis with the smallest radius I could find and these Fischer RX Hotfires were just the ticket, 10m at 160cm.

My thoughts on them: A fantastic buy. Really grippy - solid on edge, even on the couple of icy patches that were around following a thaw the day before. They were also exceptionally quick to get their grip and start turning, as soon as I'd rolled them over onto their edge they started grip and were straight into the turn (no patience needed for them to do their job). They really are a pair of skis that can instill confidence - provided you can ski quite well anyway, if you're not fairly rough with them I get the impression they could start playing with you and get quite twitchy given such a short radius and narrow waist.

They felt good and did the job I wanted them to. Even the course conductor was impressed. :
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I saw the RX Hotfires on the Fischer UK web site. I've been looking for a super short radius ski to play on. Funny thing, this ski isn't available in the US. I looked at three web sites for European vendors and they all restricted sales of this ski to people in the EU countries. Fischer must think we "Yanks" can't handle or won't like a sub-12m ski.
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The 160 RX8 available in the US is going to have a radius in a similar range around 12m or so.
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Mike - but why does Fischer restrict the sale of the HotFire to Europe?
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Not sure why. It seems Fischer doesn't sell that many skis here in the US other than to people on this site who know how good they are. Maybe they just made a business decision that because carving skis sell better in Europe they would only market them there.

You can't go wrong with the RX8 by the way. Fantastic ski that loves to do small arcs!

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i have skied the fischer rx hotfire in 165 for about 2 years now. its not my only ski but i hardly use any other ski since i got them.

i am from europe..the ski is built same as the fischer worldcup sc but smaller radius.

it is really a lot of fun if you are looking for a carving ski. but they do not make them this year any more. too bad in my opinion.
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